Thursday, August 5, 2010

Im Alive i swear!


Woah, where to start?? Its been sooo long!! I have been so busy lately its insane, Im rarely home anymore it seems. Okay so, where was I?.... Florida! Yup it was AMAZING 2 week paid vacation compliments of the US Army! We are so lucky! He left for TDY and I was expecting him to be gone for 20 days :( which why I mentioned some unfortunate upcoming military dates, But since he had the weekends off I spent the first week at home alone (which I didnt blog about at all or put up on facebook for safety reasons) and then drove down to FL by myself to meet him. I was only expecting to drive straight to Orlando and then head home on monday but I met his team and they were like "Oh shes cool as hell man she can stay as long as she wants" so I found a sitter for Koa and stayed!  He only had to work about two hours every morning briefing some soon to be Green Berets, then he would come back to the hotel and be done for the rest of the day! We stayed in Jacksonville during the week and hit up Orlando and Tampa on the weekends, it was amazing and I would sooo love to live there. Surfing was so much funnn ahh Ive missed it. I forgot what a great workout it is too, the only downside is the surf rash that my husband and I both got pretty bad boo. But it was worth it! 
I have been working at The Buckle since the 26th, So far I absolutely LOVE it and everything about it! I am such a people person that working with guests comes naturally for me. We work off of commission and on my first day working on the Sales Floor I made about 11 bucks an hour and even more on the second day! Ahh Im loving it its so much fun, the people I work with are awesome, and not only that I have the opportunity to learn 2302938290 things about fashion. Ill post some secrets here soon. I have always loved fashion which made me think this job was perfect for me and low and behold I was right! I just found out today that Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z among other celebs wear our denim. I thought that was so cool haha!

 Basically Life has been extremely busy, Im working 5 days this week, 5-7 hour shifts, my only days off are today and Sunday both of which will be used to grocery shop/ clean / work on the yard and all the things I have been neglecting because of work. I have to say, The longest I have ever gone without a job since I was 13 has been this past year, mostly because I wanted to spend every waking moment with my wonderful hubby who got home from war last July, I have been lucky enough to have him for a full year whoop! There was really no time to get a job on account of planning my dream wedding and having it in Hawaii plus taking a huge chunk of leave to fly to Oregon for Christmas and half of January, Then we bought this house in Feb, Spent alot of time painting/decorating and settling in, then we got our baby Koa, We contemplated starting a family then stopped to take a look around at everyone we know who has children that wish they waited. We were planning on getting prego shortly after marriage but we changed our minds :) Everyone always says "I want to be young with my children" Why dont they say "I want to be young with my husband/wife?" Thats the conclusion we came to and we have been having so much fun enjoying eachother. Then we had our trip to Cali and my Birthday, as well as 2 vacations at the beach not counting Florida so its been a busy year to say the least. Full of fun! I finally decided that I couldn't not work anymore because I feel like I have to pull some weight around here more than just being a housewife, it got boring to say the least haha. So I talked my husband into "Letting" me get a job, hes a mans man who loves to support his loved ones and he feels I dont need a job but likes that I am not lazy and like to work. Anyway getting back to work feels so good! I love that I can help out financially too because within six months we bought our 2010 truck, Got married (in hawaii) , and Bought a house so were still catching up on bills. I was afraid that I would want to buy everything at Buckle (which I do) But Matthew assigned me the cell phone bill and then I get the rest for me! :) However, my first paycheck will be going towards his 2 Year anniversary gift! shhh! haha. If I start full time on a regular basis, then he will assign me another bill haha hes so cute. The good news is, my boss told me yesterday that when I hit my 30 day mark I will already be eligible for promotion because Im Rockin! She told me on Saturday that when they interviewed me they also interviewed 50 people and Chose me! I feel special :) K enough about that, back to 365.

Where Dreams Come True.

Day Fifty Nine. Friday July 9th.

Today I drove 7hours to meet my husband in Jacksonville FL, he took over and we drove 3 more to Orlando where we stayed at Walt Disney World Resort! It was simply amazing. RIP Walt Disney, you truly changed the world in a magical way. This was taken at Magic Kingdom.
We stayed at the "Shades of Green Resort" Only for military personnel, half the price of any other Disney Resort! Tickets are half price and everything is tax free :) And it was incredible! 
Here are more pictures of Friday July 9th.
The view from our room! 

I like this:)
Worlds largest guitar.

 Best firework show in the US! I was really excited haha.

Thee Castle. 

Animal Kingdom

Day Sixty. Saturday July 10th.

Today we went to Disney World's Animal kingdom and it was AMAZING!! They have such a great animal reserve there. I am against Zoo's completely but Animal reserves are a wonderful happy place for endangered and rare non-native animals can live comfortable lives. This picture was taken on the Safari!
This is what I woke up to saturday morning :) 
Mount Everest haha.

The Lion King show which was so amazing I almost cried lol Lion King is my all time fave disney movie. 


Yummy food we ate in "Asia" 

This is beautiful. 

Jelly Fish

Day Sixty one. Sunday July 11th.

Today we went to Disney world's Epcot Center where they have an aquarium and alot of futuristic rides. Jelly fish have always amazed me because they dont have any organs or a brain. They are purely a nervous system. Thats IT! I got stung by one when I was a little girl while I was surfing, it temporarily paralyzed my leg but the lifegaurd fixed me up and I had a cool story afterwards :)


Thee Yummiest, Healthiest, Italian food. So Fresh and so legit! Everyone in this restaruant is from somewhere in Italy, and speaks Italian fluently, it was the nicest place I have ever eaten and so delicious! 


Us :)

Ginormous Lollipops we got for our neighbor's kids for helping watch Koa :) 

 Dooney Bag

Day Sixty Two. Monday July 12th.

Today we slept for most of the day, recovering from disney world. My feet are blistered from walking all over all 4 of disney world's amusement parks! But it was so worth it. We got up in the late afternoon and went exploring at the outlet malls. We went to COACH and my husband said "You already have two of these ugly things lets get out of here" haha so we went to Dooney and Bourke and he picked me out a purse and wallet. Hes amazing! And has such great taste! lol. DB has such better quality purses than coach does. And I love the smell of the leather. ♥
Surfin USA

Day Sixty Three. Tuesday July 13th.

Today we surfed allllll day! We got a little burnt but we went and rented some longboards and had a great time. I took a break to take some pictures (of course) but I am SO sore. Unfortunately they pulled an elderly man out of the water today and he didnt make it :( may he rest in peace.

More pics from the beach, 

Canon Ad.
 Reflection beach
 All mine
This little girl was so cute, she wanted me to take a picture of her shells :) 
 I belong at the beach.

Red Eyed Tree Frog

Day Sixty Four. Wednesday July 14th

Today it was stormy out, too stormy to go surfing so we hung out in our hotel and watched movies. It was pouring rain outside and there was a patch of rainforest behind our hotel so it brought out all the frogs. This little guy was hanging out on the hotel's back door. Hes so cute!

Day Sixty Five. Thursday July 15th.

Today we surfed all day. Were addicted. Jax beach is a beautiful place.

Day Sixty Six. Friday July 16th.

Today we met up with some of Matthew's co-worker army guys and surfed. Since I grew up in Hawaii I Know a thing or two about surfing, It was fun being this tiny girl teaching these big tough special forces guys some basics haha.  The waves were perfect! I cheated a little on this one because I was so occupied with surfing that I didnt take any pics, but this was taken the day before at the same beach. I like fences :) Oh and we had THEE WORST surf-rash afterwards ouch!

Day Sixty Seven. Saturday July 17th.

Today we are sunburnt and we both have a pretty bad Surf-rash :( So we decided to stay out of the sun, window shop at the mall, and watch movies.
Tampa Florida.

Day Sixty Eight. Sunday July 18th.

Today we drove down to Tampa, we got there in the late afternoon so we decided to go explore the town. We found an AWESOME place called channelside just off of Tampa Bay where we found a super NICE bowling alley/dance club/restaurant/bar where a ton of famous people like Jordan Sparks, Eva Longoria, N*sync haha, Martina McBride etc. It was so much fun! That drink was big enough to fit 4.5 regular drinks in it. The first game we played I beat Matthew by ONE point hah our score was 105 to 106!
Loved this booth

 Whoop! victory is mine! 

This is thee coolest movie theater ever! We saw Inception at IMAX! Amazing. 

Messy hair :)

One of my favorite nights out of our vacation. So fun! I love you Tampa!! :)
Moving on......

Busch Gardens.

Day Sixty Nine. Monday July 19th.

Today we went to Busch Gardens and had a blast! We rode all the big roller coasters including Sheikra which had a 90 degree 200 foot drop! So much fun, we rode that one a couple times. I took this picture as we were leaving the park because I couldnt carry my camera with me on account of the roller coasters and there are a few rides that we got soaked on.

Day Seventy. Tuesday July 20th.

We are exausted from Busch Gardens, we are totally theme-parked-out after going to Disney World and conquering all 4 of the theme parks they have there and then going to Busch making that 5 theme parks in 2 weeks! We chilled out in our hotel, had some drinks together, and watched Bounty Hunter and Cop Out both really funny. We took a trip to a Liquor store that is literally like a Mall for alcohol because they have everything you could imagine and more, and its HUGE so I had to take my camera, I like this label I just think its cool :)
Home again Home again jiggity jig.

Day Sevety One. Wednesday July 21st.

Today we drove out of Florida, through Georgia, through South Carolinaand all the way home. It is so good to be home we missed our baby koa. Hes getting so big. Home sweet home. We didn't unpack anything and we just relaxed. I ended up going to brittany's house to spend the night and see the baby :)

Day Seventy Two. Thursday July 22nd.

Today I spent the day hanging out with Brittany & her two sisters and the kids. Newborns are so precious and innocent I love it!
Mission Accomplished.

Day Seventy Three. Friday July 23rd.

Today Matthew had the day off but we had to go to post to a Special Forces Family Event and listen to the Commander speak. After that I went into work to fill out some paperwork to become an Official Buckle Employee :) I got home and made my husband a bet, mowed the entire lawn by myself! It took me 2.5 hours but it was a damn good workout and I proved my husband wrong and he had to put away 10 loads of laundry, mop the floors, scrub the house, shampoo the carpets, and cook dinner. We are very competitive around here haha.
 I have yet to edit this past weeks photos as far as 365 goes. Those will be up the next time I get a chance to blog again, who knows when that will be! Ive been working my tush off at work and this weekend will be soooo busy! No tax weekend here in NC where everyone gets to purchase clothes tax free! Since tax is nine percent here, that means at Buckle where Military gets 10% off they will get 19% off this weekend. And employees, well we will get 49% off! Big deals! ahah. 

Mini Update on Koa, He is a whopping 62 pounds at 8 months old, his muscle mass is clearly defined and he has become more protective but even better with kids! The perfect dog. People definately dont mess with him thats for sure! Funny story, My husband was out working in the Garage when Koa started wandering down the street towards a family of people because he wanted to play basketball with the kids haha, The father of the family jumped ON TO his car, meanwhile leaving this wife and three kids including a 2 year-old to get mauled (so to speak) by a dog HAHAHAHAHA It was hilarious, Of course Koa would never harm anyone that wasnt trying to harm me, but it was just too funny! 

Thats all for now, Im thinking of having a freebie soon, But my goal is to win one before I start one :) I realllyyy want to win one! haha. 

KBye :)