Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A shit ton of things

Okay so today I had a very very extremely productive day! whoop! These past couple days have been a little rough. I found out some not so fortunate news about upcoming military schedules. But today was a brand new day and I decided that I would go job hunting to keep me even busier! Juggling photography, music, housewifeism  (yes I made up that word) and party girl will have to make way for a Job. Haha The reason I didnt already have a job is because my husband would tell me all the time "I make enough money to support the both of us and all of our pastimes so why do you need a job?" Well I convinced him I needed something else to do and I might as well be out making the big bucks so last night I typed up a resume. And a damn good one at that! Its been a couple years since I updated my resume, the last time I used it was to get my job as a Child Care Provider. But Now it looks totally kick ass with LOADS of work experience and skills/abilites and I feel proud :). I went to bed last night thinking "Gosh job hunting is such a long process, I wish I could just get an interview tomorrow...." I woke up this morning with my game face on, and the job search began. I applied for a few jobs online and one of them was Buckle. LOVEEE that store. Best place to get quality denim. Theres nothing like a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Im a bit of a fashonista haha (not really I just like the word and I like clothes) so I applied online and within MINUTES got an email from BuckleRecruitment.com saying "Please call us at this number to set up an interview, we would like to move forward with you." So I did a little dance, called the number and got an interview on day one of Job Hunting whoop! I only had an hour to get ready and get myself to the mall with a smile to meet my HOPEFULLY new boss for my interview. It went REALLY well, And I will know tomorrow if I got the job or not. She said it was very competitive position so *Fingers Crossed* I think I was more excited that my first day of job hunting turned out to be a total success because I got an interview but either way I still have some other leads. I also applied to be a beauty consultant and work in the cosmetics department of Macys :).  Tomorrow Im applying for a teacher position at KidnerCare, I fit all of the qualifications and have been encouraged to apply so any one of those jobs will do. This will be an adventure either way. And theres nothing like earning your own paycheck!

I have had like five people request that I post up a good picture of my hair down since a couple blogs ago I shared my bad haircut picture so here it is :)

 This picture was taken last weekend from the iphone but I just didn't get around to uploading and posting it till now.  It doesnt look bad anymore, the first couple of days were rough, I think it just wasnt used to being so light because it used to be so long so I had sort of a wolly bully look. I pulled it off though :)

 Now for your favorite section of my blog, 365........

 These Boots are Made for Walkin

Day Forty Five. Friday June 25th.

I ♥ these Durango boots! I always love the stitching and how comfy they are. When I was little my brother and I would literally wear cowboy boots with EVERYTHING. We lived in Hawaii and we would wear bathing suits with cowboy boots haha. I guess I never grew out of it because I love to wear my boots still. :)  This picture makes me sing,

"These boots are made for walkin, and thats just what theyll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you"


Day Forty Six. Saturday June 26th.

We have TONS of tomatoes!! Yay!! This is going to save us alot of money by growing our own. We eat at least 2 tomatoes a piece per day.

"Lifes a Garden. So Dig it!"

 Dress Up

Day Forty Seven. Sunday June 27th.

Today Koa had kind of a rough day. So we bought him the hugest bone we could find! And we played dress up haha. Not really, I just put a mini hair clip on his ear because little Emiree left it over here :)

"The More you dress up, the more fun you'll have" -Lady Gaga

Jiminy Cricket

Day Forty Eight. Monday June 28th.

I was eating cereal this morning when I almost choked because I spotted this little guy on my plant on my KITCHEN TABLE! haha How he got there, I have no clue.

"When you wish upon a star your dreammss comeee trueee" - Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio

Job Hunting

Day Forty Nine. Tuesday June 29th.

Today I started my job search, and had an interview on the same day I started! whoooO! :) I also got my rad business cards in. Very productive day. So productive I almost forgot about 365. This pic is probably my least favorite so far but it reflects my day so it shall remain.

"Money dont grow on trees child, get up off that thang and get a J.O.B!" -my mom. ahah Weather I need a job or not is irrelevant to that woman, shes got work ethic like you wouldn't believe. Ive always had to work for everything I had until my husband came along and spoiled me haha.

I just LOVE the idea that I will be able to look back on this entire year in photographs and Know exactly what I did on that day. I like to take pictures of the little things in life, the things that make me smile or brighten my day.

Ahhh its nice to relax after running around all day, I came home and watched a movie with my husband called "Hot Tub Time Machine" That movie is hilarious! I highly recommend it :) And I made myself a giant delish milkshake with Icecream, a butterfinger, milk, banana, and peanut butter yummmm. Speaking of candy, we always have a candy bowl at our house lol. Again acting like kids, but the other day we left the house to run some errands and we got back and this is what we found,

 hahah. Yes we have a puppy, that gets into the candy bowl, on TOP of the table!! he also gets things down from the counters lol.

And the last thing I would like to share is this beautiful flier I made for Island Girl Photography

 Whoop :) the last productive thing I did today, along with this blog :) Thats all for now.

Bye! :)
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bust a move!

 Saturday Morning :) I love you! So, this morning my husband wakes me up with a smile and snuggles. He goes out into the living room and comes back and sits on our bed next to me with a shit eating grin on his face. I am on the phone with my mom talking about random garb and in mid laugh a cricket jumps on my FACE! Of course I jump up screaming frantically in nothing but my underwear only to find out my husband played a little prank on me. It was hilarious hahah! We are like kids I swear because we are always pranking eachother. Were both good sports tho. So I am planning my next ambush muahahah.

So last night, we had a couple of friends over and we played a board game and had some drinks. BTW for you partiers out there. My specialty drink =

Simply Lemonade+ Grey Goose Le Citron + a splash of grenadine. Make it look fancy with a slice of lemon in it and a toothpick with raspberries or cherries. Be sure to chill your martini glass, dip the rim in water and then in sugar for a nice sweet taste. Wahlah DELICIOUS! I swear to you, you will not taste the liquor if you mix 1 part vodka 2 parts lemonade and just enough grenadine to make it pink. This is my ultimate fave. So anyway we got this boardgame from barns and noble called Quelf awhile ago. We like to have game night at our house :) I told you were kids haha

 This game has a slogan "Random has a whole new name" And its totally true! Imagine my husband and I and 6 of our friends sitting around getting drunk and a 6'2" Army guy draws a card that says "Go find a tube of bright red lipstick, apply a healthy layer, and wear it for the remainder of the game. hahah! this really happened and it was really hilarious. I once had to wrap myself in wrapping paper and dance like a ballerina, hammerd. I highly recommend this game, but you have to be really outgoing or at least have alot of liquid courage to play it. Don't be shy, its way too fun to be outgoing.

So after we finished the game we were feelin a little crazy so we busted out the Wii. And let me tell you, if any of you have a wii out there you NEED to get the game "Just Dance" I was bustin a move last night lol. And I swear, I have a wii fit but this game is a much better Cardio workout. I mean just look at this

Haha! These ladies have got some MOVES! Its so much fun, we have 4 controllers so four of us were busting out and its hilarious to get my husband or any male dancing his ass off to some spice girls or ring my bell. haha! All in all, it was a fun night and I am sore today. I need to get us on film doing that.

Anyways back to my saturday, time for new adventures! Ciao! 

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Friday, June 25, 2010


 Hello Friday! Nice to see you again finally! ha. Anywayyyy Wednesday afternoon we went over to one of my husband's classmates house. They live right on Carolina Lake! We took the boat out and went wake boarding, tubing, and drank a cooler of beer. It was so much fun! Im still so sore tho haha. 
We look dorky in this one but thats just us! ha
This was his second time wakeboarding ever! I swear hes good at everything.

 So much fun!

 :) This party was put together in celebration of them passing the Language School! They all learned to speak Indonesian fluently in 4 months. Insane! I dont know how they did it! Especially my husband since he already had to go through french language school and he took spanish in highschool. Way too confusing but the good thing is, when we travel to Europe he can speak french and when we travel to Bali he can speak indonesian! Our next stop is Australia next summer tho. Lots of things to do before kids! So anyway I took their class pictures.

Their Indonesian teacher is hilarious and so much fun! We took a serious class picture but I think this one is the best haha. She said she was going to hang this on her wall in her office. 

After it got too dark to be out on the lake we went back to the lake house and ate more BBQ, jammed, and drank yummy drinks. 

Day Forty Three. Wednesday June 23rd.


Day Forty Four. Thursday June 24th.

Today we are tired and sore from tubing and wake boarding. So we vegged out and watched movies. This guy hangs out on our porch and eats bugs for us. He is HUGE! But he reminds me of spiderman and he kills bugs so he can stay as long as he is outside!

Right now I am enjoying the VH1 Micheal Jackson Music Video Marathon! RIP MJ! You truely were the king of pop. Say what you will about him as a man. But his music has changed the world of pop forever. Not only that but his dancing, his music videos (thriller was the very first music video ever) He pretty much invented the idea of music videos. But other than that, he seriously has inspired so many artists and in the world of music (where I live) that is a huge deal. I just want to share this video because I really feel that it speaks for itself. 

When the Haiti Earthquake devistated the world. All of these artists came together with the inspiration from MJ and his song to create an organization that raised Millions of dollars to help the people of Haiti. I just think this is beautiful. I really believe that no matter what happens, and how many differences we face from race to race and country to culture, that music can bring people together. Everyone from Celine Dion to Lil Wayne to Smokey Robinson is in this music video and its just amazing! If you watch it til the end that is my favorite part. Rest In Peace MJ. You are even inspirational after you are gone <3

Some say he was a "freak" for turning white. But what alot of people dont know, or choose not to know, is that he had a skin disease that caused him to become white. Literally.  Vitiligo, a disorder in which pigment-making cells are destroyed. White patches appear on different parts of the body, tissues in the mouth and nose, and the retina.There is no cause. There is no cure, and it's very random,Thomas says. As many as 65 million people worldwide have the disorder, including up to 2 million in the United States. This is what he would have looked like if he didnt get tissues therapy.

Sad right? Who would want to look like that. I think Id rather turn white also. Just goes to show how cruel people can be. If anything, He taught the world a lesson, follow your dreams, no matter what people think or how many people want to bring you down. Thats exactly what I will do :)

And Finally, I would like to share this AMAZING painting done by Ashly Wissler, an amazing artist that I went to highschool with. You can check out more of her artwork HERE
Notice the tape on his fingers, covering the patchyness. Thats where the glove came from.

Lastly, I would like to welcome my new readers! I cant believe there are 29 of you :) you make me wanna dance! And blog more!Happy Friday everyone!!

Time to get up and crank up some MJ, Clean the house, water and weed the garden, take koa for a run, & stop by the grocery store and post office. Then it will officially be my weekend. TTFN!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beauty Blog

 Good Morning Bloggers :) 

Today I woke up at 6:00 am to a nice fresh pile of dog shit. Whoo! I tell you what, I would much rather be changing a diaper than scrubbing my carpets! Why cant dogs wear diapers?? UGH I think Koa is having a relapse because he was completely housebroken until like last week. It could also be because he is like the neighborhood puppy. The neighbor kids come over and play with him all the time. And since we dont have a fence he kind of just roams around and hangs out with everyone while they are BBQing. He even goes and scratches on our friends door down the street because they watched him while we were in California. The only bad thing about that is we don't know what the neighbors feed him while hes visiting and hanging out with them so it sucks when he has an upset stomach and we don't know what it is from. Oh well.... Anyway I scrubbed the carpets and walked into the livingroom, sure enough spongebob is dead on the floor and his guts are ALL OVER the house. Surprisingly, I wasnt even in a bad mood. It was kind of those moments where you just laugh it off like OMG my puppy is in terrible twos right now! So I packed my husband some breakfast to eat after Combatives and PT and kissed him goodbye for work and have been up since. 

I am currently enjoying my reading list of the wonderful bloggers I follow :) And I was inspired to write my first mini beauty blog about my most favorite lip cosmetic. 

 This Lip gloss is from Bath and Body Works. There are hundreds of flavors and tints for just $7 a piece! or 2 for $15. I SWEAR by these lip glosses because 
1. Not only do they look good but they FEEL good with just the right amount of mint and tingle that you need to make your lips feel refreshed.
2. My husband doesnt complain when I kiss him because it isnt sticky at all!
3. It is also made to freshen breath & there is also coconut oil and a few other 100% natural substances like REAL mint in them.
4. Maximum coverage, I used to use "Softlips" but that little thing is so dang small and I have got some big lips that need coverage so I find these to be the perfect fit. 
5. It tastes good :) Theres nothing worse than lipgloss that tastes like ass. Or some sorry excuse for pineapple. Burts Bees is a good chapstick and I like it for its natural qualities but it tastes too ass-ish to me.

I usually use the one on the far right because its glossy but it has the perfect amount of tint to give my lips a little color.

So thats that! :) I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works. Here are a couple more of my favorite things there. 

The BBW Oil Warmer. I dont know about you but I dedicate a small part of my day to making my house smell wonderful. I have used everything from incense to fabreeze but nothing works better than this bad boy right here.  My Bestie Brittany got this for me for my birthday and I have used it almost every day since! You can buy a variety of little oil scents, I currently have Japanese Cherry Blossom and Margaritaville. Both wonderful! And all it takes are little refillable T-Lite candles. This thing also literally smokes when it is burning so you can just see the good smells filling up your house. We have a rather large yet cozy 3 bedroom home. And I seriously only need ONE to make the whole house smell good. :) 

And lastly, Bath salts and Sensual Bubble Bath! With aroma therapy. My skin feels softer than butter after a nice hot bath. You know how babies absorb scents like their whole body just smells wonderful with that fresh clean baby smell? Dont you wish your skin was that soft? Well thats how I feel after using this. Haha I feel like a commercial but I had to share my love for these things. I love it!

 This is my escape.

I also have a question for you readers out there. Does this font make it a pain to read my blog? Or is it okay? Just wondering :) Let me know! 

Time for Yoga! Have a beautiful day!
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A bad haircut and the "American Way"

Today was a lazy day. The weather was very blahh and everything felt dull yet relaxing. It was kinda nice since everything has been so hectic lately. Anyways I made tacos for dinner. Yummmm one of our favorites.

 Taco Night

Day Forty Two. Tuesday June 22nd.

"Para Bailar La Bamba Se necesita una polka de gracia"

I always make my own Pico De Gallo with tons of limes and cilantro. mmmm! But this time I didnt have any cilantro because I rushed into the commissary to buy groceries and I grabbed parsley right next to it instead. haha DORK but it was still very yummy! Speaking of the Commissary man I LOVE that place! Two carts full of groceries for 250 bucks. You cant beat that anywhere in the world!  You are lucky to get one cart for that much at Walmart. Actually one of my husband's documents said that people who shop at the commissary save 30% more on groceries PER YEAR! Thats alot! Not to mention coming from Oregon I feel like it is absolute shit that we have to pay taxes. Especially 9 cents on every dollar here in North Carolina. Eff that. And on post there is no tax :) One of the perks of being military whoop! I was really excited haha.

On another note, I got a bad fricken haircut. ughhhh everyone tells me it doesnt look horrible but I really hate it. My hair was so long and I wanted something new so I said lets go shorter.... not chop it all off! ahah. but at least its lighter and feels cooler in this humid weather over here. And at the very least its a good laugh

 lol. I put my hair like this and it reminds me of this book I used to read when I was little

 I used to read this to the chillens at the daycare too. Im guessing the palm tree is why I made the connection but either way its a sweet book! haha. I can literally recite the book "Good Night Moon" because of that place. There was this cute little blue eyed wonder named Owen who NEEDED that book to be read to him at least 8 times before he fell asleep for nap. haha. Too cute.

Also, Today we picked our very first tomato out of our garden! :) Our first house, our first garden, and our first tomato. <3

 Look at how many tomatoes are on those plants! Whooo! We are definitely going to save some money by growing our own because I am not kidding when I say that we LOVE tomatoes. Not a day goes by where we both dont eat at least 1-2 tomatoes a piece. I have never met anyone who loves them as much as I do until I met him! Soulmates I tell you!

Here is us in Hawaii on our honey moon eating a tomato together <3 haha!

We are definitely doing things the "American Way" haha.
Get Married
Buy a house
fill it with love

and the next things are...

Finish College, Have babies, and grow old and wrinkly together. haha I couldn't have asked for more.
Its so funny to me how this way of living the "American Way" started way back in the 50's when suburbia culture started. I Actually studied that in one of my college courses. It was very interesting but probably not enough to blog about haha so anyway....

Does anyone have a cool button they want me to put on my blog? :) Ill put yours on mine if you put mine on yours!

Good Night world <3 Time to snuggle and watch "When In Rome" With the loves of my life! :) Thats plural adding Koa. xo

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My blog is carbon neutral cause Im part Hippie.

If I could have ONE wish right now. Anything in the world. It would be that the Oil in the Gulf stopped leaking. And that all of the Oil magically disappeared. UGH! I hate that nobody is doing anything about this! And where is the president? Why isn't he giving some sort of comfort speech to America? Our poor Ocean :( Yes I am also part Hippie and Environment Friendly. My husband who lives and breathes the Army always makes fun of me but he secretly likes to be environmentally friendly too :) I guess you could say I am "green" I was proud to go to the number 2 Green school in the nation U of O. Once a duck always a duck but my life and dreams had other plans so thats why I transferred but I am still as much a duck as day one!

So I carry out my hippie duties by recycling EVERYTHING (literally) and buying 100% Eco friendly/recycled paper towels and toilet paper. I took a class called "Earth Resources and Environment" along with a bunch of other economics/geology classes and I learned SO much about what a single person can do to help the environment. Did you know that ONE CAN OF SODA can be recycled an infinite amount of times. You can melt down and re shape the same can FOREVER! So imagine what that can would do if it was sitting at the bottom of the ocean? It would sit there, Forever. Literally.

While I was browsing over some blogs, I found this wonderful cause that makes your blog “carbon neutral”.

Alexander Wissner-Gross, PhD, a physicist at Harvard University and environmental activist, conducted a research and discovered that an average website causes about 0.02g (0,0008oz.) of carbon dioxide for each visit. Assuming an average blog gets 15,000 visits a month, it has yearly carbon dioxide emissions of 8lb.

So in order to offset your blog carbon footprint, “Make it green” Germany has created the program called “My blog is carbon neutral”, where they will plant a tree for you if you write a short post on your blog about their program. This will neutralize your blog’s carbon footprint for the next 50 years. Amazing, right? The trees will be planted by the Arbor Day Foundation in Plumas National Forest in Northern California, an area that has been devastated by wildfires. My brother is a firefighter and I believe he actually fought a fire over there! 

Imagine how many trees can be planted if we all joined!

Just a few easy steps to make it green:

1. Write a blog post about the initiative + insert your favorite button
2. E-mail the link to your post to CO2-neutral@kaufda.de
3. They'll plant a tree for your blog in Plumas’!

I think this is absolutely amazing and that everyone should participate :)
PS :) check out my new signature I made :) love it!


Monday, June 21, 2010

A little bit of everything

SO. Last night we decided to "stop by" our friend Jason's house for his little going away get together he was having. Hes leaving for a month for some sort of training and we might be moved to WA before he gets back so we had to go hang out for a minute. "stopping by" turned into getting shit faced. Jason is our BFF, he is our old roommate and my favorite out of all of my husband's army buddies. So last night we went over there around seven and my husband made me a drink, vodka and cranberry one of my faves. I was like sure Ill have just one. Jason and Matt love to get me drunk because they say Im hilarious, so last night was sheer proof. Turns out my husband was the sober driver which is rare, but then again he did have to wake up at six am and run ten miles this morning (dear god thank you for letting me do nothing)...

So we end up at this club called The Big Apple. Apparently it was mexican night (not that I have anything against mexicans, i am part mexican) but all they played was cholo music all night long. So I being as ridiculous as I am when I am wasted, decided to get everyone on the dance floor and "teach" them how to do the salsa. lol! I took a dance class when I was at U of O and we did some salsa as well as Argentina Tango but what I learned was the basic step. Of course nothing I could remember clearly enough to teach everyone when I could barely even see let alone dance. HAH! But none the less, everyone followed my lead and we had a great time dancing the night away. In my drunken haze for some reason I decided that I needed another drink (after drinking half a bottle of vodka before getting to the bar) so I continued to drink. Finally my husband was trying to slow me down but for the life of him couldnt stop laughing at my rediculousness as well as the 12 other people who were with us so there I was ordering more drinks and yelling "SHOTS" every ten minutes. Ill admit, for my size I can definitely put down and keep down my fair share of booze. Most times I WISH that I puked because I would feel a hell of alot better in the morning if I ever puked. So anyway, I ordered my last drink on the last call and Matthew comes up to me and says okay babe lets go the club is about to close lets leave now so we can beat traffic. I told him I had to finish the drink I just ordered. He told me I didnt need it but for some reason I thought I did so I lied to him and told him I had to go to the bathroom haha he then watched me run to the bar and CHUG my Vodka -Lemonade and run back over to him like nothing happened. He drove us home (which I dont remember) and as soon as I walked in the door I realized how uncomfortable my clothes were and that they needed to be taken off immediately. (and thrown across the room) hahah. From here on is all hear say because I do not recall this, but apparently my husband took my contact lenses out for me. Now THAT is love! And trust! haha. By then I was STARVING and NEEDED a pizza. My husband kept me far away from the kitchen and cooked us a pizza but by the time it was ready I had already called my mom because I realized how much I missed her and that I NEEDED to talk to her right then and there, and passed out. So that was our night. Pretty fun stuff haha. The next afternoon I woke up still completely wasted and called my BFF brittany only to tell her "I dont know if Im still drunk, or hung over, but Im in my underwear and I have blisters on my feet so it musta been a good night" lol.  In conclusion, If I ever do become a famous singer-songwriter, the paparazzi are going to love me because all I have to say is The party must go on!

Anywho, I started that blog last Wednesday but I havent had working internet at my house. (Fuck you century link) I have been having so many problems with those ass holes! But now its working and I dont have to pay this months bill so whoo! I have some catching up to do on 365 so here goes it :) 


Day Thirty Six. Wednesday June 16th.

Lately I keep seeing dragonflies. Yesterday one landed on me and today I looked out the back door to see this one sitting on the porch :). Pinao is dragonfly in hawaiian.  Also my Aunt's name. <3

"Deep in the sun-searched growths the dragon-fly Hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky"

 Where thoughts turn to lyrics.

Day Thirty Seven. Thursday June 17th.

This is where I write my music. In this notebook. I have 3 all together and those notebooks mean more to me than any possession or material thing on earth. (plus my guitar :) That is where I turn my thoughts into music, Where I express my every feeling, and where I always end up after six and a half years.

"You make me happy, just to know that you love me."
And another :) 

My heart is a burning flame.

Day Thirty Eight. Friday June 18th.

Today I spring cleaned the house. And by that I mean I literally cleaned EVERYTHING we own. I had no idea how much work it is to keep up on a house this big until we moved in. Keeping everything spotless inside and outside and tending to the garden is a full time job especially with koa running around tracking mud, sand and everything else through the house and tearing up his stuffed animals. I swear sometimes this house looks like a war zone with all these stuffed animal guts everywhere haha! I have to take him outside and run with him or play ball and do something with him every day or he gets restless and starts running laps around the house lol. Anyways, Lighting candles is part of the ritual :) It fills our home with love, good vibes, and good smells.

"come on baby light my fire" ♥

 Watering the Dog

Day Thirty Nine. Saturday June 19th.

Today we discovered that Koa likes to be watered. Haha He will stand there forever and let you water him. He also loves to dance in the sprinkler and chase it like a child. Thee cutest thing Ive ever seen. And look at him smiling!

"Happiness is a warm puppy."


Day Forty. Sunday June 20th.

Today Koa sniffed out a turtle so we brought him inside and hung out with him for a while. Tried to feed him lettuce. And then let him free. Look at him smiling too! He looks just like Franklin the Turtle. Happy fathers day :) I really wanted to do a themed picture for fathers day but my dad is all the way across America :( 

"Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell."
Bill Copeland


Day Forty One. Monday June 21st.

I ♥ Watermelon! Theres just something about it on a hot summer day too. Especially on a picnic. This happens to be the juiciest watermelon ever and the first of the season at our house. Yummm. Reminds me of that song,

"Down by the bay, Where the watermelons grow. Back to my home. I dare not go. For if I do. My mother will say "Did you ever see a fly. Wearing a tie?"

On to Music News! (imagine the cheezy news channel soundtrack is playing now) haha

Check this out!! 

NUMBER ONE IN COUNTRY! :) after last month I took first place in Acoustic? Not to mention Played over 18 thousand times!? since March? Love it!!! I love my fans so much they rock! I seriously could not do this without all the wonderful people supporting and loving my music. I am so grateful. Thank you deeply. I have not been placed on a particular show on MTV yet, sad face.... But my rep from MTV did contact me yesterday and tell me that she hasn't forgotten about me and that she will DEFINATELY find a spot for me on MTV because she thinks I'm Great and she loves my music. She also told me that she can really relate to my music because her boyfriend was gone on business for 3 months and that just so happened to be the time that she discovered me on Ourstage.com :) I love that people can relate to my music. It really inspires me and pushes me forward. I cannot WAIT to get back into the studio this summer. Its been over a year but I have written so many songs since then. My album is written and ready to be recorded. <3

Another exciting thing (not huge but I get excited easily) I designed and Ordered some business cards for my photography and my music! Checkkk ittt. (Click on them to make them larger)

Side 1. View my photography website! Island girl photography

Side 2. Listen to my music and view my website :) www.facebook.com/victoriamusic

Im super excited :)

Phew this blog is a Novel! But I only have one last thing to say.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow!!