Sunday, July 18, 2010

Adventure Hoes

Hey world! We are currently still in Florida LOVING life!! I did not expect to stay here this long but lucky for us since we dont have kids I can stay here during TDY and we can vacation when hes not working. And getting paid for it! So far we have been to Disney world which was AMAZING! pictures to come, been surfing almost every day on Jax Beach and its been amazing. The weather here is almost IDENTICAL to Hawaii. My guess since its so close to the equator humidity is perfect, just enough to keep my skin moist and healthy without having a blanket of humid heat over us. Im just loving it. I could live here any day! Its been hard to keep up with 365 because weve been out and about every day. Right now I have some time to blog because Im in the middle of getting our laundry done before we hit up our next adventure! BUSCH GARDENS! yesssss which is free for military and has the biggest roller coasters in Florida! I loveee it! I am an adrenaline/adventure junkie. My mom calls us Adventure hoes :)
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  1. I LOVE Busch Gardens (I've only been to the one in VA though) and Disney and roller coasters, so I guess that makes me an Adventure Ho too? Haha! By the way, I visited JAX Beach for the first time just a couple months ago and LOVE it! Continue to have a lot of fun! Summer's not over yet ^_^