Friday, July 9, 2010

Life is Sweet.

Good Morning Bloggers! Holy Hell its been awhile! No worries Im still alive :) We have been so Busy! I have so much to blog about I dont even know where to start! 
Since I am so behind on 365 I guess Ill Start there :) 

Wild Flowers

Day Fifty. Wednesday June 30th.

Today my husband picked me a tiny bouquet of wild flowers and tied it together with ribbon :) I would much rather have wild flowers hand picked than store bought. Much more thoughtful :) Hes amazing.

Picture quality is ehh but o well :)

"Earth laughs in flowers." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Doggie Beer

Day fifty one. Thursday July 1st.

Today I had a Job Interview at Charlotte Russe and this is what I found when I came home. There were two cases stacked up in the dining room ready to be packed for camping, Koa pushed them over and proceeded to try and rip the box open! lol. My husband gives him beer all the time because he loves it. I swear, like father like son.

"Dog is a man's best friend."

Carolina Beach

Day Fifty two. Friday July 2nd.

Today we headed to the beach to camp for America's Birthday weekend (4th of july) This was our view from our campsite. The ocean is about 20 yards away and absolutely beautiful. This is one place I will truly miss about the east coast. There is no where like it where you can camp on the sand.

"Hey baby lets have some fun. Take me to the beach and we'll bask in the big bright sun." -Summertime (newest song I wrote)

 4th of July weekend was AMAZING! I think it was the best 4th of July Ive ever had. Seriously. So friday we left for Carolina Beach, and I swear to you, It is one of the wonders of the United States. It is absolutely Breath Taking! For 20 Bucks a day (per vehicle) you can drive RIGHT out on the beach and pitch your tent, have a camp fire, swim in the nice cool refreshing ocean (its NOT too cold and NOT luke warm like bath water) The sand is nice and soft and feels amazing between your toes. I swear it is just like Southern California only better because the water is cleaner. If the water was just a tad more crystal clear blue, and you threw a few coconut trees on the beach I swear it would be just like you were in Hawaii. There arent many places you can camp on the beach, and it is located in this little town called Wilmington, North Carolina. THAT is one place I will truly miss about NC. And ONE place I truly love more than anywhere in Oregon.

Anyways, the beach is called Freeman Park, and the revenue they pull in JUST from campers on the beach is INSANE. On memorial day weekend they estimated a total profit of 1.2 Million Dollars. Basically, it is a great place for a family to camp, except on major weekends because it is just a HUGE party on the beach. It was packed but the beach is big enough for everyone, about 3 miles long. I guess last year they had some people set up a ginormous circus tent and had a DJ on the beach ahah. There wasnt one this year :( that woulda been fun! 
While we were at the beach we realized how truly beautiful Koa is, I am NOT exaggerating when I say we must have gotten a realistic estimate of 25-30 compliments on him. People just kept asking what breed he was and if we were looking to breed him, how old, what is his weight, name, compliments on how well he listens, and how good he is with kids etc he got SO much attention. He was loving it! It was so much to the point that I kept waking up in the night to make sure he was still tied up and on his bed next to us because we slept under the stars in the bed of the truck. (amazing) I guess its rare around these parts to have a full breed Pit Bull with papers. Thats koa for you tho, just like a child loving attention everywhere he goes haha! He even learned how to swim and loved it. Hes a dog fish I swear. I would be out in the ocean about 20 feet and he would swim all the way to me and swim circles around me, swim back to shore and then do it all over again hah. 

Another thing I realized when I was at the beach this weekend, was how fucked up society really is. Random, I know, But I got a few compliments from people saying "you are very beautiful young lady" or this one guy said "Your ole man has the best lookin' dog and the best lookin' woman on the beach this weekend" Or just randomly this woman walked up to me and asked me what nationality I was because she thought I was very pretty. Everytime I got a compliment I was caught completely off guard because I have it in my head (thanks to society) that I probably wont get compliments like that when I am not "dressed up" or if I dont have makeup on. Even tho I dont wear loads of makeup, and I dont even own foundation (just concealer for my under eyes) Society made me assume that. Its not that I dont think I am pretty without makeup or fancy clothes on, not at all, I just kept getting surprised because there I was on the beach, unshowered for 1 to 4 days, BEACH HAIR to say the least haha and just lounging around like a beach bum. I guess its not the place I would look for attention like that. More of a time to relax/party here and there/jam by the campfire. I dunno it just made me realize more about natural beauty. 

now THIS is an EXCITING PIECE OF NEWS so listen closely (if anyone is even reading :) 

I was jamming by the fire at the beach, and about 15 people ended up sitting in and listening. A woman named Kim in her 30's seemed to be particularly enveloped in my music so in between songs I would talk with her about my music and how I wrote alot of songs for my husband while he was deployed. I finally was all jammed out when I put my guitar down and had a beer with her. She asked me "Have you ever thought about trying to get your music on the show Army Wives? It would be the perfect fit because it is so real and alot of women could relate to it." 
I said yes and that I have thought about it before but I wouldnt know what to do to go about it. She says "You are in luck, a very close friend of mine that I have known since I was about 8 or 9 years old just so happens to be the Core Producer of the show Army Wives." 

My. Jaw. Dropped. I was like are you serious!!!?
She said "Yes I am not bullshitting, I have his number right here in my phone, Ill get in contact with him and see what I can do. At least make him listen to it" 

I have been texting her all week and Ill have more updates on that shortly!! :) Stay tuned it should be interesting. If nothing comes from it I would be totally okay with that, at least he listened :) If something does come from it, you know ill be very lucky and very happy!! This is probably going to be a bigger deal than MTV. They say "Its all about who you know in the music industry" I find that very true.

I believe everything happens for a reason, a random woman hears me play on the beach and happens to know the core producer of the show? Coincidence? I think not. Fate it is. 

For those of you who havent heard my music, check it out here VICTORIA PRINCE

Moving on, 

 Sparklers :)

Day Fifty three. Saturday July 3rd.

I opened the shutter so that I could capture this :) The beach was beautiful allllll day! So many happy beach bums, so many fireworks & campfires So many cool people that became new fans of my music, life is good. I ♥ the beach.

"You may be a redneck if... your lifetime goal is to own a fireworks stand."
Jeff Foxworthy

 Happy Birthday America

Day Fifty Four. Sunday July 4th.

I was so consumed by having a good time that I didnt take many good pictures of the fireworks. Either way, its cool :) Last 4th of July Matthew was still in Afghanistan. It almost brought tears to my eyes to know that he is home safely with me today. I am so grateful for our freedom and for everyone who fights for it. Hats off to the troops. I ♥ America. Amen.

"The rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there. Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave, for the land of the free and the home of the brave."

Carolina Sunset.

Day Fifty Five. Monday July 5th.

Goodbye beach. Goodbye Atlantic ocean. Ill be back soon. Today we left the beach, but were looking forward to our bed and Air conditioning :) Although, we got some AWESOME tans becuase we had no way to escape the sun's beautiful rays the entire weekend. 100-104 degrees the whole time. Just the way I love it.

“Love is the dawn of marriage, and marriage is the sunset of love”

French Proverb


Brand New Feet.

Day Fifty Six. Tuesday July 6th.

Feels..... Magical ♥ Holding a baby boy just minutes after he arrived into this world is priceless. Welcome Gunner Rex Marhenke! Seven pounds, six ounces and twenty inches of pure joy.

"I like trying to get pregnant, I'm not so sure about childbirth." -Lauren Holly
Got the job!

Day Fifty Seven. Wednesday July 7th.

Buckle was the first job interview that I had, I got the interview on day ONE of job hunting. Im not going to lie, I am pretty impressed! SUCCESS! A week later, Today, I got a call for a second Interview, at the end she told me I got it! Yessss.

"Getting a Job is like an AA Meeting. IT WORKS IF YOU WORK IT." - Me
 A dog's dream.

Day Fifty Eight. Thursday July 8th.

Today I went to petsmart and got Koa the biggest bone I could find. Because we will be leaving him at the Neighbors house for a week while we are in Florida :). Lets just say hes HAPPY.

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive." ~Gilda Radner
Here are a few more pictures from the Delivery Photoshoot that I did for the Marhenke Family :) It was absolutely magical, I still get goosebumps thinking about it. 

Thats me and baby :) Taken by Brittany. Shes such a trooper she really is a Super Mom. She did all 3 of her births 100% NATURAL and has three amazingly healthy children that are disciplined, loving, independent, and all around CUTE :) I love them all.

One last one :) Welcome to earth precious child. 
You can view many more here, Island Girl Photography; My teenie tiny business while you are there, please push "Like" :)

Truly amazing. Ironically, on saturday when we were lounging at the beach my husband and I were letting koa play with this little 2 year old girl who was wearing a cute american flag print bathingsuit haha she fed koa a pizza lunchable. Shes adorable. He looked at me a couple hours later out of nowhere and said "I have never wanted children so much in my entire life" It was so very cute. For now we love having eachother to ourselves and both of us love to travel. I want to see the world and he wants to see the better parts of the world :) (not afghanistan, pakistan etc) 

Speaking of which, Let me give you a clue where we are going this weekend!

You got it! WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT! :) :) :) I am so excited im practically shitting my pants!! It will be an early celebration of our 2 year Anniversary!!! My husband is amazing I swear. We are going to stay at a 5 star resort that is In Disney World called "The Shades of Green Resort" That is specially closed off for military personnel and their families only. So for those of you who are military (all branches including national guard too) ITS SUPER CHEAP and super sweet! Just so you know :) 
We will be seeing Orlando and staying there for 3 days! Florida has the best Coach Outlets in the US in case none of you know that. They are super cheap! So Ill be making a pit stop there :) They also have the biggest one story mall in the US in Orlando. Lets just say I did my research. I have always wanted to get SLIMED like on Nickalodeon. But we already went to Universal Studios in January so I doubt we will go there again. Im just all around excited!! AHHHH 

PS. this is the longest blog EVER

I dont think this week could possibly get any better. I got a Job, Baby Gunner is here and I got to photograph his first moments, I am truly becoming more and more passionate about photography, We get to go to Florida which neither of us have been! (we plan to go to every state in America together before we die) So thats another off the list, we get to go to DISNEY WORLD which is absolutely amazing! We have thee best tans ever from the beach last weekend. We met so many cool people at the beach including someone who might have a lead on my music making it big on a TV series!  Omg life is sweet isn't it??
I have been on and off writing this blog and adding to it little by little all day haha. Running errands, packing, shopping for necessities etc. Its been a long day and tomorrow will be even longer but it will end in Orland :)

Goodnight world. <3

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  1. DUUUDEEE!!! I know exactly what you mean about picked flowers over store bought! I LOVE handpicked flowers. And Day 54 is really awesome! Besides the pictures of little Gunner and Jeremy and I. That picture is amazing!

  2. I agree! Life is definitely sweet for you. Disney Resort??? Now, i am turning into a green eyed monster. Sooooo jealous!!!