Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Blog

So.... I decided to create a blog finally after my good friend Chelsea inspired me to. My management and my fans have told me that blogging is important to keep fans updated as well as to let them connect with me on a personal level.

As for whats going on in my music life, If you haven't already heard, MTV contacted me last week and told me "You have that singer/songwriter feel that MTV loves. You are exactly what we are looking for and we are interested in integrating one or some of your tracks in our programming." I still keep pinching myself wondering if this is really going to happen! This could be my big break! I am currently working with my management and MTV on getting my license and registering with the performing rights organization ASCAP so that I can collect royalties and have my songs played on MTV. Kristin, the representative I am working with, works with the documentary sector of MTV is going to present my songs to the board of music directors and that there is a good chance that they will be on shows like, TrueLife, MTV Cribs, 16 and Pregnant, Diaries, Teen moms Etc! I am really excited about it and Cant WAIT to see how it all turns out :)

How did MTV find me? Well I am currently a Member of which is an MTV affiliate and a porthole for independent and upcoming artists. Every month there are promotional competitions that you can enter your songs in. You can also enter your songs into any channel (pop, rock, acoustic etc) sort of like an online radio and compete against the other bands and artists. Last month I took 4th place out of 955 songs in "Trains, Save Me San Fransisco's Songwriting Challenge" The grand prize was a mentoring session with the band Train, as well as $2,000 cash. It was my very first competition and although I didn't take first place, I am very happy with the outcome and impressed that people actually like my music! I never doubted myself but for a long time I thought that my friends and family politely listened to my music.... I guess I have always been afraid of being one of those people on the American Idol flashbacks who think that they can sing but little to their knowledge are extremely tone def :( I feel horrible for them....

Anyway, This month I am entered in another competition, If I win first place I will open for BON JOVI in Hershey, Pennsylvania! You can vote here, I am also entered in the Pop Channel as well as the female singer channel.

Music life is very exciting right now, my fanbase has been growing FAST lately. I have a total of 9,666 Fans on myspace and facebook as illustrated on >>>

I am so grateful for all of you! and I could never be so happy to know that you love my music as much as I do. Dont forget you can download my single "Even when you're gone" on itunes here

As for my personal life, Well It hasn't exactly been peachy....
I am currently back home in Oregon right now, Ive been here since tuesday on account of my Uncle was killed in Gresham (outside of portland) on March 31.... I spent a few days in portland this week while attending his viewing and funeral. May his soul rest in peace. He lost his life at the young age of 21. My grandfather had a son the year before my mother had me. Kawela Jacob "Jakie" Kaluna. Kawela is hawaiian for "The Heat" He was an amazing person and was shot, killed, and robbed. It was premeditated.... I still cant believe it. I feel like a stone, emotionless, empty. Its a horrible feeling to loose a family member, especially one who didn't get the chance to live a full life. Some people say that when its time to go, its time to go... but for some reason I keep thinking that this was not his time to go, that his life was stolen from him and from all of us. That this was a mistake in the great scheme of things..... RIP Uncle Jakie. Always loved, Forever missed. We will keep your memory safe in our hearts.

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