Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A shit ton of things

Okay so today I had a very very extremely productive day! whoop! These past couple days have been a little rough. I found out some not so fortunate news about upcoming military schedules. But today was a brand new day and I decided that I would go job hunting to keep me even busier! Juggling photography, music, housewifeism  (yes I made up that word) and party girl will have to make way for a Job. Haha The reason I didnt already have a job is because my husband would tell me all the time "I make enough money to support the both of us and all of our pastimes so why do you need a job?" Well I convinced him I needed something else to do and I might as well be out making the big bucks so last night I typed up a resume. And a damn good one at that! Its been a couple years since I updated my resume, the last time I used it was to get my job as a Child Care Provider. But Now it looks totally kick ass with LOADS of work experience and skills/abilites and I feel proud :). I went to bed last night thinking "Gosh job hunting is such a long process, I wish I could just get an interview tomorrow...." I woke up this morning with my game face on, and the job search began. I applied for a few jobs online and one of them was Buckle. LOVEEE that store. Best place to get quality denim. Theres nothing like a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Im a bit of a fashonista haha (not really I just like the word and I like clothes) so I applied online and within MINUTES got an email from BuckleRecruitment.com saying "Please call us at this number to set up an interview, we would like to move forward with you." So I did a little dance, called the number and got an interview on day one of Job Hunting whoop! I only had an hour to get ready and get myself to the mall with a smile to meet my HOPEFULLY new boss for my interview. It went REALLY well, And I will know tomorrow if I got the job or not. She said it was very competitive position so *Fingers Crossed* I think I was more excited that my first day of job hunting turned out to be a total success because I got an interview but either way I still have some other leads. I also applied to be a beauty consultant and work in the cosmetics department of Macys :).  Tomorrow Im applying for a teacher position at KidnerCare, I fit all of the qualifications and have been encouraged to apply so any one of those jobs will do. This will be an adventure either way. And theres nothing like earning your own paycheck!

I have had like five people request that I post up a good picture of my hair down since a couple blogs ago I shared my bad haircut picture so here it is :)

 This picture was taken last weekend from the iphone but I just didn't get around to uploading and posting it till now.  It doesnt look bad anymore, the first couple of days were rough, I think it just wasnt used to being so light because it used to be so long so I had sort of a wolly bully look. I pulled it off though :)

 Now for your favorite section of my blog, 365........

 These Boots are Made for Walkin

Day Forty Five. Friday June 25th.

I ♥ these Durango boots! I always love the stitching and how comfy they are. When I was little my brother and I would literally wear cowboy boots with EVERYTHING. We lived in Hawaii and we would wear bathing suits with cowboy boots haha. I guess I never grew out of it because I love to wear my boots still. :)  This picture makes me sing,

"These boots are made for walkin, and thats just what theyll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you"


Day Forty Six. Saturday June 26th.

We have TONS of tomatoes!! Yay!! This is going to save us alot of money by growing our own. We eat at least 2 tomatoes a piece per day.

"Lifes a Garden. So Dig it!"

 Dress Up

Day Forty Seven. Sunday June 27th.

Today Koa had kind of a rough day. So we bought him the hugest bone we could find! And we played dress up haha. Not really, I just put a mini hair clip on his ear because little Emiree left it over here :)

"The More you dress up, the more fun you'll have" -Lady Gaga

Jiminy Cricket

Day Forty Eight. Monday June 28th.

I was eating cereal this morning when I almost choked because I spotted this little guy on my plant on my KITCHEN TABLE! haha How he got there, I have no clue.

"When you wish upon a star your dreammss comeee trueee" - Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio

Job Hunting

Day Forty Nine. Tuesday June 29th.

Today I started my job search, and had an interview on the same day I started! whoooO! :) I also got my rad business cards in. Very productive day. So productive I almost forgot about 365. This pic is probably my least favorite so far but it reflects my day so it shall remain.

"Money dont grow on trees child, get up off that thang and get a J.O.B!" -my mom. ahah Weather I need a job or not is irrelevant to that woman, shes got work ethic like you wouldn't believe. Ive always had to work for everything I had until my husband came along and spoiled me haha.

I just LOVE the idea that I will be able to look back on this entire year in photographs and Know exactly what I did on that day. I like to take pictures of the little things in life, the things that make me smile or brighten my day.

Ahhh its nice to relax after running around all day, I came home and watched a movie with my husband called "Hot Tub Time Machine" That movie is hilarious! I highly recommend it :) And I made myself a giant delish milkshake with Icecream, a butterfinger, milk, banana, and peanut butter yummmm. Speaking of candy, we always have a candy bowl at our house lol. Again acting like kids, but the other day we left the house to run some errands and we got back and this is what we found,

 hahah. Yes we have a puppy, that gets into the candy bowl, on TOP of the table!! he also gets things down from the counters lol.

And the last thing I would like to share is this beautiful flier I made for Island Girl Photography

 Whoop :) the last productive thing I did today, along with this blog :) Thats all for now.

Bye! :)
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