Monday, September 27, 2010


 Living in Hawaii :) spending the most time we possibly could at the beach with you. You taught me how to swim.

 You were the best at telling stories. Funny voices and all :) 

 Remember when I got stung by a Bee in the middle of my forehead haha! You called me simba. Look at those acid wash jeans. 

 Remember when you were teaching me how to ride this bike, you psyched me out and pretended like you were still holding on so I wouldnt be too scared. It worked! Until I realized you weren't standing behind me anymore and I wrecked :)

 Standing on the cliffs of Kiluea 

 Remember when I had my fever seizure? And aftewards I couldnt stop telling people about the "ambalanse" so you built me one for Car day at my school :)
 Remember how proud you were of us when we were chosen to model for the whole town in the Parker Ranch Fashion Show
 You painted my toenails for me :)

 Santa Came!! 

 When I first got my ukulele I taught you some chords 

 You ALWAYS hung out with us. Even when the adults were hanging out together you were always with the kids. Doing things with us and making us laugh. 

 Playing my ukulele. Age 7.
 This one is my favorite. I remember so many times we spent at Kawaihae harbor. This is where I learned to swim at sunrise. You told me, when I let go, Kick your feet as fast as you can. I promise I wont let you go under. Pretend like you are running from a scary monster :) It worked....
For the sake of old pictures. This one is one of my favorites.

Mom uploaded all these pictures and hundreds more so that me and Rhino could see them. 
Some people, live twice as long as you did and never make such an impact on so many lives as you did. There are many many good people in the world. But only a few Greats. You are one of them. You were only 18 years old when you and mom got together. From that point on you were a father. Young parents that kicked ass at raising us. 

Mom said this in a letter she wrote to you....... 

" As I scan in these pictures, I realize one thing. The kids, weren't ever as happy in life as they were when they were with you. All the memories, all the bonding, the learning stages of life, the foundation of a human, was built with you. I thank you for being there. I thank you for being papa chad, the kids dad."
Its true. I love you dad. 
Ps. Mushasho :)
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