Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Alright people, you are all busted. ahah kidding. So yesterday I redesigned my blog as you can see. I love it and I did it myself :) I just cant believe that people pay to get their blogs designed. Maybe cause they cant figure it out themselves but seriously woah. Maybe I should design blogs and make some money lol. I cant imagine the blog designing business being a good living tho ahha. But anyway I posted on the bottom left column a "view counter" and I have 139 views in a day and a half which is interesting since I only have 8 public followers. Weirdd.... so everyone who is reading this is SO busted I have found you out! Im kidding Im glad you guys read :) it gives me a better reason to post now. So now that I know this information I need more picture ideas for 365 Im running low! help me out people.

Okay, I havent blogged about music in a while because I have been so into photography. BUT I have some AWESOME WONDERFUL AMAZING NEWS Check out my standings on ourstage.com,

WHoo! Im so thankful for everyone who has been actively voting! Keep it up :) If I win the Lilith Fair competition I get to open for Colbie Callait, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow and many more amazing female artists in Portland Oregon! Fingers Crossed! Now that I am in the top twenty, A panel of judges including Sarah McLaughlin chooses one artist to play at Lilith as well as $2,000. If I win first place in the acoustic channel I get $100 cash and then I get entered into the Channels competition where all the number one channel winners compete for first place and an additional $5,000! So my odds are definitely good thanks to all my dedicated fans! I love you all. For anyone who hasnt voted check out my music websites on the left panel.

Other than that Im still waiting for this LONGGGGG process with MTV. My music is already copyrighted, registered, and licensed with them so I am still waiting patiently for someone to call me and tell me which show it will be on. ITS KILLING ME! ugh... shoot me now. I cannot WAIT any longer :)

Okay now for you photo lovers day thirteen is here.

I really like this picture, the reflections and the lipstick mark. What I REALLY wanted to do was use bright red lipstick but since bright red lipstick is clearly an outdated fashion and really makes my already big lips look even bigger, I dont have any. So I settled for nude/pink tint lip gloss and I think it turned out alright. Speaking of nude lipstick gosh i really dont like it. I dont think it looks good on anyone lol why do people like that? Also, another fashion mishap that I HATE, I honestly hate when brunettes go blonde. Nobody looks better blonde. Its a fact. Well according to a Hollywood E special and according to my opinion anyways haha :) Hugh hefener really fucks over all those playboy bunnies with his preference for platinum blonde hair. Come on people..... haha Alright that was my random rant for the day.



  1. Amazing, you designed it yourself?
    Let me tell you, I checked out a couple of blog designer and they were all full until SEPTEMBER! Yes, September!! So I'm guessing they make some pretty good money then...

    You should try flagcounter.com it gives you details of your readers locations.

    Btw your blog is great! Just became a follower!

    Mine is www.nycislandgal.com
    Hope you like it and share the love by following me too! ;)

  2. Yeah I did everything like make it 3 columns and customize the header etc. except I used a premade background. :) Woah maybe I can make money as a blog designer haha.

    I am totally following you too! Nice to meet you btw I like your blog!

  3. Very nice too meet you as well!

    My design is the work, meanwhile i have the one that is on now... A friend of mine is helping me!

    Btw love the pic at the left in black and white and the red shoes! lol

  4. Thanks! :) that is my "housewife" picture ahah.... my fave red shoes and pearls. gotta love it!