Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photo adventures

Alright blog world, its been a couple days. So much to share so many new pictures! Loving life! I tried to pick up my guitar and jam today but my face is stuffed up and feels like there is an elephant sitting on it so I definitely sounded like a muppet when I sang. So I decided to go on some photo adventures. I always take my puppy koa with me he loves our adventures :) Anyway here are days seven and eight!

This froggie is small enough to fit on a penny! how cool is that? hes so cute and I LOVE the water droplets in this. absolutely adorable.

Day eight is a little more fun and different. I realized i havent done a self portrait yet in the 365 series so here goes it

haha! I like this pic. Its so me. On facebook and flickr I have been putting down a quote i like for each day. Today's is by far my favorite

“Why is it that men can be bastards and women must wear pearls and smile?”

Lynn Hecht Schafren

too funny.... I LOVE exploring peoples photography on flickr

and the last thing i would like to share before I head to snuggle land in my big huge comfy bed with my wonderful darling husband is my houswife pictures i took today :) Inspired by wardrobe wednesday.

Photo adventures were a success today, jamming, not so much thank to this gunk i cant seem to kick.

anyway.... thats all for now :)

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