Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet Blog

Its Mondayyyy..... We had SO MUCH fun this weekend! Friday night we stayed in and snuggled and watched movies. Love nights like that :) Earlier in the day Brittany being the wonderful friend she is came over and her and I went out and got Sushi (My ultimate fave) and Hibatchi for us and matthew and the kids for dinner yummm. Saturday we had our neighbors Chris and Amy whom I absolutely love, and some other girls come over for drinks! We went out to the club and danced the night away. Discovered a New drink called a "Mind Eraser" had one too many of those and now I know why they are called mind erasers haha. While we were at the bar some guy came up behind me and rubbed my shoulders so I flipped out on him and told him not to touch me! Matt came up to him and said you better buy us a drink NOW lol. The guy ran off. Then when we were leaving the bar he proceeded to walk up to the car we were in and talk shit to me. I rolled down the window and the guy says "you arent married you liar! Who are you going home with tonight?" I showed him my husband who was sitting in the back seat with me, and I showed him my ring. He for some reason didnt believe me still ahah and said "wheres your wedding band" after I JUST showed him my ring. By then he was standing RIGHT next to the car so I said "Right here" and Gave him a NICE right hook to the face. ahahha. He rubber necked it and the driver heard the punch and at the exact right moment stomped on the gas and we were gone. I guess it was a good punch cause everyone in the car heard my fist hitting his face lol and my knuckles were bruised the next day. Maybe he shouldn't put his dirty hands on me and try to talk me into going home with him bahahha! So that was the highlight of my weekend.

Other than that I got some good pictures :) Day Ten

Matthew and I discovered that there are railroad tracks within walking distance of our house. I absolutely love the sound of the trains going by at night when I am in bed. So we decided to Get some beer and sit down by the railroad tracks and go "Penny Squishing" for our first time ever and wait for the train to come. It was so romantic and fun :) The train came and the conductor honked for us when we gave him the signal that you would usually give passing Semi trucks. We walked down the tracks about a mile and went exploring too. I loved it. Now Im trying to think of some other things I can squish on the railroad haha.

Day Eleven

I really like this picture :) I have never seen a flower like this before but its HUGE. Matthew picked it for me and its the biggest flower anyone has ever given me haha. It smells really good. The title of this picture is Squiggly flower. Does anyone know what kind of flower this is anyway?

Day Twelve

My one and only baby :) Koa which means "The Brave One" in Hawaiian. He is so adorable. SUCH a good dog. I Wish I could figure out how to upload videos on here because I have the cutest video of him doing all his tricks. Sit, speak, shake, roll over, and play dead. Hes so smart! ahh i love him.

So that is me catching up in the blog world. ALSO I received my first blogger award! The "Sweet Blog" award :) 

From Trisha @ Pretty Pink Pearl 
Shes super sweet and her blog is so cool too :)
I had no idea that she loved my blog haha. 
She likes my music and is hooked on my
365 project. Follow her!

I guess I am supposed to pass this award on as well so I would like to pass it on to 

Her blog is sweet hence the sweet blog award lol
she always posts sweet pictures and I especially like the note she left for her husband as a hint to what to get for her for her birthday hehe. 

and my good friend Brittany @ To Give them beauty for ashes
She wrote a couple blogs that are to her children and I LOVE the idea I think its so cute! That way some day they can read them if they want. 

So those are the only sweet bloggers that I know that post blogs regularly. I would give one to trisha but she already gave me one haha. 

Everyone has sweet blog names but I just stuck with "Victoria's Blog" ahah reallll original.... oh well :) 

I found another photo client this weekend too! Woooo! My business will be up and running in no time. yay! I KNOW I will take great pictures and the thought that the pictures that I take will be in their lives for years to come is so amazing. I love that I will be able to capture moments and give them to people who will cherish them forever. 

Anyway.... Hubby should be home soon. 

A Hui Hou! (Until we meet agian in hawaiian)


  1. Nice new blog layout! :) Please post about your photo shoot this weekend. I wanna see!

  2. It rained so it didnt happen :( booo. but I will when it does take place!