Thursday, May 27, 2010

This world is my canvas

So.... Yesterday was my very first "professional" photo shoot! And I have to say, I rocked it! A big thank you to the Marhenke family (minus one who was out in the field) for being such wonderful photogenic models! Gosh It was so much fun. Here are a couple shots. 

I Just love them :) I think they are absolutely beautiful! I am officially booking clients as of next week! Ill be the cheapest photographer for quality of work around. And I offer Military discounts for any and all military families. And youll get a free CD with any shoot! This is going to be so much fun! Gahh. Ive always loved photography but I was never confident enough and I didnt have a nice camera so I have been procrastinating on this but I am so happy that Ill be able to help my husband out with bills and that Ill actually be doing something I love. I cant wait to start my own business! Ahh!This is so very exciting. I need to find a unique name for my business that sets me apart from other photographers, a name that will make people want to call me. We are going to make business cards and my husband is so excited to get one of those advertisement magnets for his truck lol He is so supportive and proud of me I <3 him! I was thinking about calling it "Island Girl Photography" I like the spin on it. And the logo could be so sweet with that name. Also my little studio could be all hawaii theme. I would so NOT be a poser being from hawaii either aha. 

Anyway, Project 365 is doing better then ever and I have to share day Fifteen becuase it is by far my favorite. It is also from the photo shoot. 

This one is called, Espresso Yourself :)

Seriously this is awesome I love it so much! It is so appropriate because brittany LOVES coffee. she cant live without it. <3 

I am so happy and so looking forward to my new business starting up. My mom is so proud too shes so cute she says

"i am eagerly awaiting your home coming so that you may teach me how to use my camera :) lol every project u take on since u were a little girl turns to gold. u got the midas touch, girl. love mom. ♥"

The more I think about it the more I realize it is true, I actually haven't pursued a project and failed it. I give her all the credit tho for being amazing and supportive in anything and everything I have ever done. I love you mom. 

Anywho, Were going to California today whooO! LONG flight but I am so excited. Flying into San Jose, gonna party in San Fransisco. I cant wait to see China Town! So Look forward to more wonderful awesome pictures next week. This world is my canvas. (speaking of canvas, I just got a paint set randomly as a gift in the mail :) Someone literally said "I love looking at your pictures, it is my inspiration, so I think you should try on oil painting for size" I was like WOAH thank you so much! and I got everything I need including 6 canvases! whoo!

Have a wonderful weekend!

"California here we come, right back where we started from, californiaaaaaaa"



  1. amazing pictures, you area really talented. have a great trip.

  2. Those pictures are amazing!! Girl, you have talent!!
    And the last two are the cutest!!! lol

    Keep at it, you're really good! ;)