Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project 365

So..... I had theee BEST birthday ever :) thanks to my wonderful husband as usual. :) it was perfect. we rented a helium tank and blew up like 200 balloons and had the strings hanging from the ceiling. We served YUMMY tacos with home made pico de gallo mmmm so good. I ATTEMPTED baking a guitar cake but didnt turn out so well but we used it anyway ahah..... there were cute little babies running around every where. koa had a couple of buddies over and they were having a ball outside. we had moustaches and sombraros it was a good time :) then the kids left and the party got crazy! woke up the next day (afternoon) and found a pinata helmet, an empty gallon of grey goose, a pineapple with a moustache, and my phone in the driveway. beautiful.

the 21 gifts just kept getting better and better. The first one was a guitar which I am obsessed with. And the last was this camera :) Canon Rebel Tli 500d..... came with a telephoto lense, extra battery pack, and tripod along with everything I need to be a pro. and photoshop.

I have always been into photography I took some photography classes throughout high school but as of may 5th am taking my creativity to the next level. Over these past couple of days I have been taking tons of pictures and I have noticed that my photography and my music inspire eachother! its amazing. I took this picture of my favorite necklace

I wrote the picture caption as "fly away with me" and I started writing a song inspired by the picture. The little things inspire me. Today I started Project 365 :) for those of you who dont know, the project is to take and edit one picture a day for one year and add it to the series. I added the steam to the picture in photo shop :) and wah lah! beautifulllll.

Anyway, Im pretty excited about this project, I have so many ideas but Im trying not to use all of them in one day. Im sure It will get more difficult as the year goes on but its going to be fun to see my progress.

I have so much to look forward to and so much to be happy about :D life is good.

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