Wednesday, May 26, 2010


First of all I want to say thanks to my new followers who choose to follow me publicly ahah and secondly, Woah, alot of views I never knew about until I put that counter on there. NOt gonna lie I feel popular aha. Ok so I have two confessions to make. 1 = I love Justin Bieber. Aahaha hes amazing. I dont care what Anyone says about him, the boy can sing. Hes got pipes like no other. He can play piano, guitar, and the sax. He writes his own music unlike 90% of artists in the pop industry. And he came from below the poverty line and had NO relatives in the music biz unlike so many young artists such as Taylor & Miley. aha so thats one, 2 = Im a huge nerd. I really am very nerdy. Very tech savvy and a total dork down to my roots. I enjoy doing the robot every chance I get (especially in public) and I randomly break out into song several times a day. I wear glasses & before I was pretty I was one ugly duckling. Im talkin glasses long Mona Lisa style hair, read every harry potter book, the whole shabang. So dont be fooled. My name is Victoria and I am a dork. (dorks anonymous) Im really more of a closet dork tho people dont think it when they see me. lol woah enough about that.

Moving on. My new followers (ps.i love you) just make me wanna dance.... and post more blogs. So, today my friend brittany and I, along with her 1 and 3 year old babies decided to go adventuring in downtown Fayetteville to shoot some pictures and explore. We got about two big blocks away from the car and it literally starts POURING rain. Ahha mind you she is pregnant and I have one child by the hand and shes pushing a stroller. We get caught on the street corner waiting for the Walk Signal to happen during rush our. lol. We stood there in a down pour laughing our asses off, all four of us (five if you count baby rex brewing in the belly) and everyone driving by is looking at us like 1. these people are crazy 2. I feel really bad for them, or 3. laughing with us as they drive by. It was so much fun. Theres nothing like getting caught in a spontaneous warm rainstorm with two kids and a prego lady lemme tell you. We finally crossed the street and started running to the car, I was laughing so hard i could barely breathe, partly because theres a prego lady waddle running in front of me, partly because we were literally soaking wet like we jumped in a lake, and partly because it was just plain funny. Then we get to the car and try to load the kids up in their carseats and the damn stroller wont collapse ahah! it was a sight to see I swear. Something Ill never forget tho. And way too much fun.

So the adventure wasnt a complete failure because it was funny as shit and im positive we brightened the day of everyone who saw us in this excapade, and because I got two sweet pictures from today including Day Fourteen of 365. Enjoy :)

Every day in the 365 series I post a quote along with the picture. (in case you were wondering)

"Mommies of little boys work from son up to son down"

love that one <3 Anywho, to those secretive anonymous followers that I busted in the last blog, reveal yourselves and comment me so I can follow you :) Its only creepy if the other person doesnt creep on you too haha. Off to snuggle. God knows I LOVE to snuggle. I feel like the little girl on Finding Nemo sometimes, the one who Snuggles the gold fish because she loves it so much and kills it ahaha. Im a freak. I WILL over snuggle your ass. oh ya PS. me and britt watched the first episode of season one of Army Wives today. I have to say, Im hooked already ahaha! My husband rolls his eyes at me but it has been statistically proven to lower the stress levels of women who have husbands that are deployed overseas. So HA. Thats all I have to say about that. 

5 more seasons to go. woooo! K bye.


  1. I will state first hand that I have almost been snuggled to death. Hahaha. Everytime i stay the night i get attacked! :) I miss those times. misss you!

  2. Hahah aww I miss you too!!! :) xxooxxoxoxoxoxox

  3. Enjoy Army Wives. While I am not an army wife I do love show. Really neat pictures :)

  4. That was seriously sooo much fun and a day I will also never forget. You never cease to amaze me at what an awesome and real person you are :) XOXO

  5. Thanks brittany :) I feel the same way! High five for being awesome and real!