Saturday, May 15, 2010

In sickness and In health; Day four.

In sickness and in heath :) I thought this picture would be appropriate for today..... I wanted to experiment with close ups on my awesome camera. I have to say, its only day four and Im getting worried about running out of ideas. The cool thing is, whenever I am sick I start to feel depressed because I cant jam on my guitar and sing a song, unless I want to sound like a crack head (no offense to Macy Gray or Amy Winehouse they definitely rock the crack head voice. its just not for me) but now that I have this new hobby that is rooting itself a new passion within me day by day, I have something else to do :). Im loving it. Im going to do a practice photo shoot of one of my dearest friends Brittany and her beautiful family here soon. I cant wait to let my talent and creativity go wild and give her photographs that she will cherish for the rest of her life :) hopefully I will be comfortable enough to start my own little tiny business in photography and make some extra money too. We shall see.

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