Friday, May 21, 2010

Trailer Park Princess

Day Nine

I love day nine :) titled "Love soup" has definitely cured me :) well kinda but not really. still feeling sick but finally feeling more so better than worse. "A spoon does not know the taste of soup, nor a learned fool the taste of wisdom.” is the quote to go with that. I like it too. 

Thursday Things came after Wardrobe Wednesday in mine and Ashley's "days of the week" project. And so I decided to make it Things I never leave the house without. Purse, keys, cellphone, camera, and sunglasses. I like it! i feel accomplished. Speaking of accomplishments,

Today I realized that I managed to turn 21 without getting an MIP after being in college AND partying in more bars in more states than I can count lol.... wow I am counting that as an accomplishment. <3 seriously.... 

Other than that, another good day :) Oh and I finally joined the FRG today. wooo! go SF Wives! We shall see how that pans out. Alot of them are really sweet and loved my singing when I played music in front of the ENTIRE SF community on a marriage retreat. It was fun I need to get in touch with some more army wives around here and get my photography business up and running. On a random note I definately ordered Army Wives Season 1 on Netflix and my husband was pissed when he got home and found out ahaha he was only mad because he was expecting to get a movie but I sneaked it into our que. NOT making him watch it with me but def watching it while hes at work hehe. I better send that back soon tho. I think ill do some yoga when I wake up. I have been thinking about how nice it is to have a warm drink in the morning such as coffee to wake up to but I really am not a coffee drinker. Actually neither is my husband we dont even own a coffee pot. I think I just like the idea of it haha. Ive been drinking alot of tea lately thats nice in the morning :) 

oh yeah quote of the week. so I was standing by the pantry trying to stare into it and make something delicious to eat appear. While I was standing there I had one foot up on top of a 12 pack of beer, just resting there for no reason. And one of my hands resting down the front of my pants (not touching myself lol) just resting in the waist band of my pj's and my husband comes around the corner and says "Hunny, you dont have to act like you live in a trailer anymore" ahahahah hilarious that was a good laugh. Story behind it is I actually grew up in a trailer park good ole "high pines camp ground" in a single wide. Lived there loud and proud for 7 years. (and im not kidding about the loud part) There was an ongoing joke that I was a "trailer park princess" in my family because I was nominated princess for school dances on several occasions (prom, winterball etc) ahah ohhhh the memories. gotta love it lol. Hes told me before that when I get famous ill be right up there with Kid rock bahaha. Hey it could happen. Hilary Swank is from a trailer park too. I wonder if she lived in a single wide or if she had one of those fancy double wides with the toilet flower pot in the front yard right next to the flamingos. Welp you know what they say, you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you cant take the trailer park out of the girl ;)

anywho, off to bed its snuggle time. my favorite time <3 

ps. to the bloggers that I follow, you need to post more blogs. :) Entertain me will you? oh ya and add my flickr too :).

Good night world.


  1. I looove this! I feel like we have this trailer park bond that most do not understand. Lol. Just kidding... kinda. Alex always makes jokes about how I grew up in a trailer. It's good times! But when I was a kid I so badly wanted to live in a 'real' house. Looking back.. It wasn't so bad. Oh, and, consider yourself lucky... I lived in an actual trailer, like a travel trailer; one that can easily be pulled by an average sized truck. No worries though, we later upgraded to a double wide! Don't be jealous! Haha

  2. Hey Victoria! Guess what?? I have something for you on my blog :)))

  3. LOL ashley you CRACK me up!! :) :) and thank you trisha I love it!