Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We danced in the streets of San Fransisco.

Wow what a weekend! I have so much to blog about and so much to catch up on :). Okay so Wednesday was my very first photo shoot ever! And it was absolutely amazing and turned out beautiful! Thank you for all the feedback and comments on the shoot. With only one shoot I was comfortable enough to establish my teenie tiny little business called "Island Girl Photography" :) I am so very excited and I already have two customers that have expressed interest in booking a shoot here in NC and MANY that would like me to shoot them in Oregon. I love doing it so much I feel like I want to do it for free for everyone because I want to bring out the most natural beauty in all of them and all of their family members too! But, that would be unrealistic and free doesn't pay bills :) So Ill stick with Affordable haha. So Last night I created a page just for running this teenie tiny business and I created a sample logo that may or may not turn into a giant car magnet and a business card (i might mess around more with it)

In case you didn't know, in order to look at all the pictures in a large view all you have to do is click on whichever one you want to blow up :)

Check out my photography page here Island Girl Photography :)

Back to this weekend, Thursday we flew out to California, that would be my 9th time ROUND TRIP flying in between North Carolina and Cali/Oregon since Matthew and I have been together. Woah, thats alot! I realized that I have been quite the traveler these past couple of years. I have been to Hawaii twice, NC/ West coast 9 times, Vegas, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina a bunch, and as soon as the Army allows, we have a trip already booked for a weekend in the Bahamas! WhooO! I love exploring the world! Matthew and I get to drive across the US this summer too! Granted we have to take Koa with us he will love it because he loves to ride in the car.

So we left thursday which was day sixteen :) I love this one. Titled, "Leavin on a Jet Plane"

PS. US Airways ROCKs we had awesome service, the best I have had yet (and thats alot of flying considering I have to get on 3 planes to get from one side of the us to the other so that would be 9x2 which is 18 flights times 3 which is 54 planes? woah Why cant those be tax deductible? thats not including flying to hawaii and vegas either lol. This should be a travel blog. Anyway not to mention the fact that on two of the flights we had free drinks at the discretion of the Flight Attendants for being Military ahah! Gotta love it. We kept hiding our empty bottles in the seat pocket so that they wouldnt notice how many we had so they wouldn't cut us off :)

dont worry we paid for the majority of them because we didnt want them to get in trouble for giving us free drinks. I love when people have appreciation for all that my husband does for this country. Along with all the other troops from all the other branches all over the world. Hats off to you.

Friday we had the most wonderful time! Gosh I felt so lucky and spoiled :) we were definitely living the big life. We took the train from Mountain View to San Fransisco which was so fun. I love trains! We went to the Pier that overlooks San Fransisco Bay and we had thee best crab I have ever eaten in my LIFE. Delicious Bloody Marys, & I had an awesome drink called the Vanilla Sky mmm. I could eat that meal on a regular basis most definitely. Here was our view from the restaurant of Alcatraz. 

Ok I know bread Rolls are not impressive or interesting but I just like this picture :) theres something about it.

The Most delicious thing EVER. MMMM I could eat seafood every day! I dont know what Ill do when I get prego someday ahah. We needed bibs for that meal :)

Phenomenal, spicy, strong, but good.

And this is Day Seventeen :) A view from our window at the restaurant. Wow this is priceless I love that I captured the seagull and the Seal swimming in the back. I just love this. After that we walked around the pier and looked in gift shops. We started waiting for a Cab and ended up getting picked up by a Pedi Cab! One of those cool seats that used to be pulled by horses in the old days only we are getting peddled around by a little man. It was sweet! (By the way I also waved down my first cab in the street New York Style! ahah it was fun and Im a dork) But anyway we told him to take us somewhere on the beach with good drinks. He dropped us off in this cute little beach bar that used to be run by this Woman named nancy who had a naked lady ranch ahah. We had AMF's which was a bad idea but still fun AMF = Adios Mother Fucker ahaha. You can imagine how that made us feel. We got another pedi cab and told him to take us somewhere with Live music and ended up at this AWESOME blues bar called Lou's Blues where we had some kick ass drinks and live blues bands.

This band is called Papa's Garage and they actually asked me to email them these pictures :) they were super good. Except I started to tear up when they played "Aint no sunshine" Because I heard that at my uncle's funeral a couple months back :( Thats what I love about music tho, there is so much emotion behind every song. I love to see people tear up when I sing. Not because i like to see people cry, and actually I used to hate it when people cried while I played music, but matthew once told me that When he sees me play guitar, and hears me sing, I have so much emotion when i play that I drive it through people. Ive loved it ever since :). We hung out there for a good 4 hours and we ended up missing the train home because we were dancing in the bar and then we started waiting for a cab to come along and we started dancing in the street. The bar had huge windows surrounding it so the band was singing to us because they could see us dancing, people were cheering and filming us even ahah. The next morning matthew said "We danced in the streets of San Fransisco" that was an amazing thought because thats exactly what we did :) While we were dancing in the street after we realized we missed the train because a cab didnt come in time for us to make it to the train station, A Limousine pulled up!
Me being a smart ass walked up to the window and said "Why, Chauffeur! you are Just in Time!" haha I was joking of course and I asked the driver who he was picking up, He said "The Raiders" lol.... We ended up somehow negotiating with him after more dancing in the street waiting for a cab, and we paid him 200 bucks for 2 hours in the limo and then driving us an Hour away to where we were staying in Mountain View. It was AMAZING. We stopped and got Dom Perion to drink in the Limo! Which Ive never had before but we thought hell, we might as well do it right!



Haha these pictures were not taken before and after on purpose lol.... i found them on the camera like that the next day. We felt like kings. The funny thing was, someone, either a drug dealing gangster or a clan of rapping thugs going to the prom ended up leaving a CD in the limo. We listened to that the whole time we were in there hahah im talkin HARD CORE rap shit from the hood. Slapin hoes and slammin dope haha. It was a good time. We drove over the Golden gate bridge In a limo twice! Something one MUST do before he/she dies. We stopped at a sight seeing spot and I am absolutely amazed by the pictures that I got while I was there. All I remember is resting my elbows on the ledge in order to stay still enough to take the picture ahha.

 Here we have day Eighteen. This counts because It was about 3am when I took this :) and this NEEDS to be a post card.

Wow what a night, what a wonderful time we had. The next day was full of family time with some wonderful people whom I absolutely love. Family members I have never met and ones I havent seen in years. I love them all dearly. Here is Day Nineteen, "he loves me" :) not extremely original but I do love it.

Sunday we took a trip to Santa Cruz Boardwalk which reminded me of that cartoon I used to LOVE called Rocket Power :) 

we rode the roller coaster and the adrenaline shot up the ass ride lol the one that drops ten stories, had an awesome time took the kids on rides it was an awesome time. Had way too many of these bad boys 

It couldn't have been a better trip. Thank you to everyone who made it possible, everyone who partied with us and became our "BFF's" along the way :) Thank you to family who warm my heart. Thank you to my husband for being my partner in crime and the love of my life. Thank you god and mom for giving me this beautiful life to life. I am thankful :)

And Last but most Certainly not least, Memorial day, Day twenty. :) Every holiday will have a theme like this one. But this one is near and dear to my heart.

Sleep well tonight, for the men and women of our armed forces stand brave willing to give their lives for you. To the heroes..........

That was our weekend.


  1. That was a stellar blog lady :) And how the hell you take a picture of crab and bread and make it look wonderful?? Haha I love it! *MUAH*

  2. Glad you had a nice weekend!! Those photos are amazing!!

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