Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A fresh start!

Check out this blog that a Music Promotion Company wrote about me! It was so random, They found me on my music myspace page and wrote to me saying "hey read this" and there it was :) Very cool, Thanks guys for your support! I guess they are a bunch of people who run a business in Real Estate but all of them have connections to music so they decided to do this on the side. They seem like really cool people!

I also wanted to make something clear, Apparently I have an anonymous reader who was offended by my rant about Military Wives who need to stop whining about everything and be strong for their family or get a hobby to occupy them instead of whining all the time. Or do SOMETHING to occupy them instead of making everyone miserable with their negativity. I dont care WHAT you do just quit complaining all the damn time and be grateful for the beautiful children, kids, house, marriage, anything you have. Because it can always be worse. LOL I heard from a mutual friend that this Anonymous reader was offended. I stated clearly that It was not about anyone in particular. It most definitely was not about this person (I could give a shit about them and I cant believe they creep my life, were not even friends and never have been) but obviously people will be defensive and explain themselves or retaliate if they are insecure so I want to say again, It was not about anyone in particular.

I have been feeling that way since my husband and I went on a Marriage retreat and the Chaplin himself gave a speech about how most of the marriage problems that people have come to him with in his career as a Chaplin, have a lot to do with the Wives who get bored and live their lives in negativity and drama, constantly bringing others down especially themselves and their husbands. He said to stay occupied while your husbands are deployed and he was a pretty funny Chaplin because he said "keep the drama to a minimum" haha! Theres a whole show about it! "Army Wives" that makes it pretty clear haha. He went on to talk about the "Law of Attraction" live your life in a positive attitude and good things will come to you. I did get a kick out of how many people agreed with me on the rant from 20 something bloggers (you guys crack me up!) but I do regret ranting about other peoples lives and business therefore I apologize if I may have offended anyone else. I will no longer blog about other peoples lives, but I wont stop from speaking my mind if I am peeved about something. There is so much more to life than worrying about what other people are up to, and I am not usually that person who CARES, however this is something I have been seeing on a daily basis. And its hard to ignore something that people shove in your face like blah blah blah. I say all the time how much I hate when people are so judgmental, I am only human and I definitely let my pet peeve of whining get the best of me. There is definitely a difference between being overly opinionated and purely speaking your mind. Another part of me feels I do not need to explain myself and at that end of things, if you don't like what I say, don't read my blog lol DUH! And definitely don't assume its all about you after I JUST said it wasn't about anyone in particular. Why would I lie? Im not out to get you bahaha.

Ultimately my point was, and I should have said it in this context, instead of a blind blogging rage haha There is so much more to life and so many beautiful things in it to be grateful for, why waste it complaining when you can do something productive. Be proud of the accomplishments that you have made possible because at the beginning of each day, he is the one who is putting on that uniform. Stay proud, strong, and humble. Enough about that drama!

Phew I am pooped my house is spotless but I cant decide if I am more tired from working out or fly hunting! These effing flies are going down, I have no idea where they are coming from but this war is not over haha.

Speaking of flies, I definitely saw a fly strip hanging at the walmart Mcdonalds. Def NOT eating there ahaha. disgust.

The good news is, that Matthew passed his big test! Whoop! ANDDDD he just called me and told me that his SGT Major just put in a request for our Orders and we SHOULD be moving in August :) :) :) :) yayyyyyy!! I am so excited! Now, time to get our house ready to sell. We are actually going to Drive across America from North Carolina to Washington. It is going to be SO MUCH FUN! It is going to be such a good opportunity to take so many wonderful pictures! 365 is going to get even better! Btw I need more ideas. I need to brainstorm :) I cant wait I am so excited to document everything in my photography. Very exciting!!!! I think another thing that is really cool is that both he and I will be starting fresh somewhere together. We will both be in a place we have never lived and rarely seen. Ive only been to Seattle once but I LOVED it. Its like were going to start a new life, fresh, & together. Something new and exciting and closer to home so we can see our loved ones more often. He has been here at this base for 6 years already and he is more than ready for something new. I am so excited I cant even handle it. There is nothing more that I could have asked for. I am so grateful that we are able to get stationed somewhere closer to home, I thought we would live here forever. Especially since there are only 4 places in the US that he can get stationed at. We are very fortunate. I am so proud! Especially since they told him the only way he could move is if he learned a whole new language! And Indonesian at that! After he already went to language school for french, and took Spanish before that in high school. That must be confusing I don't know how he does it but I am proud.

I usually post pictures in my blogs so heres one before I go, I couldnt resist :)

To New beginnings together! <3 This is our Camo wedding cake we had for our wedding in Hawaii (hence the hawaiian flowers) And our custom made bobble head cake toppers on 01.01.10 :) Oddly one of my favorite things from our wedding because it was so much fun! We got married on zero one, zero one, one zero because he had zero doubts that I was the one. Now and forever. 


  1. Congrats! What a beautiful wedding cake. I love how you made yourselves dolls with realistic faces!! :)

  2. 'Fly hunting' LMAO! I was confused for a second. But I can totally see your face. GOin' DOWN! and the Zero One thing that is so cool :) Haha I love it all of it was well said, but those two parts were my favorite :D

  3. LOL! Congrats!!

    That cake is amazing!!!

  4. The wedding cake is beautiful. You have a point when you said that why should we waste our time in complaining if we can use it in productive things.