Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shitting Rainbows

Happy Sunday :).... It is a very happy Sunday. I have to say that I have been in a "so happy Im shitting rainbows" kinda mood for a while now. I really mean that. I wake up every morning (not feeling like p-diddy lol) with my husband kissing me goodbye, the smell of him freshly showered, shaved and ready for work. I open my eyes and I see him standing there in his uniform (to you military wives you KNOW that is so hott) hahah. I am so lucky to have him home with me for such a long time after we got married :) Partly because he volunteered for his last deployment, which I wasnt very happy about but I couldnt stop him from defending our country at the same time. I was very proud slash sad about that but he is the bravest most passionate man I have ever known. He leaves for work and I snuggle in the sheets and go back to sleep until whenever I want. I always feel like a princess in our bed.

 This picture does no justice to how big and how comfortable this bed is. Koa and I wake up together, he sleeps on my side of the bed on his fluffy blankie. He is very protective of me. Hes such a good puppy he sleeps through the night and doesn't wake up until I say "good morning Koa time to wake up my baby lets go potty" haha He truly is a spoiled child. My husband gets to return home at the same time every day which is awesomely wonderful! Instead of working the good ole "youll go home when I tell you to even if its been a 16 hour day" type of hours that we are so used to. I just love it and I feel so very lucky.

I have been growing so much in Photography and its only been ONE MONTH since I got my camera :) Music has been going so awesome for me! Still waiting for news back on which show my songs will be placed in on MTV but just the thought that they are licensed and I literally signed paperwork with MTV!!! makes me so excited and it all feels so surreal like a dream. I have 31 actively voting fans on and I am so grateful for every last one of them. Last month I took FIRST PLACE in the acoustic channel on the entire website. Which means I win a $100 gift card :) And there are more opportunities to come for winning first place as well. And I took 8th place in the Lilith Fair contest which Is GOOD because placement doesnt matter as long as you make it into the top 20. A panel of judges chooses by hand who will play at the fair. Still waiting to hear who the winner is :) There are so many talented artists I am just happy to have taken part in such an awesome thing.

I feel that I have grown and learned so much in my talents/passions as well as in my marriage and in my life overall. I have learned so much about everything since I moved all the way across america. I have become more independent rather than relying on my family and my "friendships" so much. I put friendships in quotes because I think that we are all in that age where we realize who our true friends really are. Friendships that you thought would never fade because you were "BFF's" are now only a memory. It makes me think of the old saying "Nobody ever remembers the Prom Queen".... That is a good one because at this age when high school seems so long ago even if its only 3 years, you realize (or I have anyway) that everything that mattered then, means nothing now. Everything that was THE END OF THE WORLD then, is only a grain of salt now. 

College has taught me alot, the education of course was phenomenal at U of O but the things that I have learned that are most important were overall life experiences. I believe that everything is meant to be. And I am not going to lie, I went to college at U of O thinking that it would be the easiest, most fun thing of a life time. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Its easy to be a "local celebrity" in a three light town. Where I was in the newspaper for singing, and sports like swimteam and softball or just for random accomplishments like scholarships. It was easy to be one of the "pretty girls" that got nominated as princess at school dances and whatnot. But when you move hundreds of miles away from home and go from a 100-person graduating class to a school where there are 30,000 people who dont give a damn about you, now that made me realize what is really important in life. I went from well known, to just another average looking freshman college girl. I was no longer anything special, and there were thousands of girls that were prettier than I was. It definitely helped me grow as a person and being judgemental towards others was no longer an issue. I am so glad to have experienced that. My neighbor Amy is an awesome person. She is so cool, shes got three kids and has lived in this area since she was a kid. Last night she told me that I was one of the prettiest, yet humble people she has ever met. Its times like those when I am grateful to have learned that it is so much better to be humble than to be "above" or judge mental and nasty towards people.

I guess I am just reflecting on how much I have changed in the past 3 years because I have a couple of little cousins who just graduated with the class of 2010 and it made me feel old like "wow, I have changed so much since then"I cant imagine what its like the day my kids graduate from highschool if I feel old now hah!

Another thing I have been so grateful of learning in college was, I worked at the daycare for 2 years. I took parenting classes/job trainings (mandatory) every tuesday the entire time I worked there. I learned so much about different parenting styles and I learned that no parent knows everything, and that there are so many ways to do one thing and so many ways to do it right. One day after nap time, after I rocked 7 kids to sleep, I told my boss how much I loved this and how much i couldn't wait to become a mother. She said "Victoria, you are going to be a better parent from the gate than the general public." That meant a lot to me and I still cannot WAIT to have children.... :) Granted I will never know what its really like until it happens, Im just happy that despite how much we talk about it and how much we want kids, my husband and I are both waiting so that we can enjoy married life and freedom together as well as accomplishing our personal ambitions and goals. I also cant wait to get to the Art Institute of Seattle! Were going to do our best to plan our pregnancy when the time is right. But you can only plan life so much so things will happen when its meant to be :)

Everyone is getting married, having children, or both, and its so good to see everyone doing so well and living their lives happily. I am so happy for everyone :) Even the ones who may not like me or be happy for me in return, Its just good to see other people doing things with their lives instead of getting stuck in good ole Cave Junction haha. Don't get me wrong, I love my home but it can be a black hole to some people where they get sucked into drugs and all sorts of bad things.

Anyway, That is me reflecting :) 

I started this blog a couple days ago but I got distracted so catching up on 365, and those of you who are following this project you can add my flickr on the left panel to see all of them. Day twenty three.

I love this picture <3 titled "De Oppresso Liber" (liberate the oppressed.) -The Green Berets. The knife symbolizes protection, the flag symbolizes freedom, the beret symbolizes identity, and the bronze star symbolizes heroic accomplishment. I am very familiar with OPSEC and I would elaborate more on this but I think this picture speaks enough for itself :)

Day twenty four 

Everytime I wear these jean shorts I like how vintage the buttons look. I had to take a picture :) this is art.  "A cold beer on a friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right, and the radio up" - Zac Brown Band. By the way we went to a Zac Brown Band concert last november and it was AMAZING. gahh I love them.

Day twenty five

Titled Rainbow Catching. I caught a rainbow yesterday. My husband and I went exploring. We just drove around finding cool places to take Koa out andventuring with us. We found a tiny rose garden with this fountain and the rainbow is 100% natural too! very cool. "Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true." 

Day twenty six
Sunday Reading. I did my best to capture the reflection in the frame. I think this is beautifully peaceful. Theres nothing like a good book. I have been such a slacker at reading but I like this book called "Moon Shell Beach" its pretty good. The thing that I love about photography is that I can capture the simplest things in life and make them beautiful. Like a pair of eye glasses sitting on a book. A basket of bread rolls, a set of makeup brushes etc. That is my favorite :)

Back to my happy Sunday. Matthew and I are going to paint today :) We have oil paint and canvases so this should be fun and a first for both of us.

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  1. "Don't get me wrong, I love my home but it can be a black hole to some people where they get sucked into drugs and all sorts of bad things."

    Very true. I love visiting, but it disappoints me when people get sucked into things there. Ugh...