Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy Bee

So Its been a week since my last blog, Ive been a Busy Bee! We have had so much going on, Fun and life-wise. Matthew is getting ready to take his DLPT or his final language test. The BIG test that determines weather we will get orders to move to WA or not. Which we will because he works SO hard and I am SO proud :) :). Still nerve wracking tho, I am more nervous than he is because we've been waiting for a year now to get Orders but that's just how the Army is so no biggie. As long as we get moved Ill be as patient as possible. Im here to support him %100 in his career he is so dedicated to. Plus Ill be leaving so many amazing people here in NC. 

Ill especially miss Brittany and the kids. My little adopted babies I loveee them!! Brittany is such an amazing down to earth person. Shes such a good mother and wife! I look up to her so much for being such an awesome mother, besides the fact that shes done both of her births and (another coming up on July 10th) 100% natural with no meds! (dont ask me how) She is also that mother that never complains about her children holding her back, or bringing her down, and that woman is a trooper! She cruizes around 8 months prego with two babies, roaming all over Gods Creation as if she was by herself. Taking them everywhere, to the pool, my house, myrtle beach, you name it! Shes barely a stay at home mom cause she is all over the place adventuring with those kids. Shes not one to complain, judge, or act like shes something shes not which is what I so love about her. Shes also not one of those mothers who thinks that just because she has children she knows everything haha! Or that just because I don't have kids I don't know what life is really like lol. (how ignorant) I have learned so much from her, and I have also been able to share alot of things that I learned while I worked at the daycare in Eugene, & taking parenting, & child development classes for 2 years. Its fun to swap stories from her actual experiences and with my education behind the children development & all the parenting styles I have worked with as well. Shes a great listener and she never "knows it all." She doesn't know it all about the army either, and instead of pretending to know everything there is to know, her and I both sit in Awe and listen to my husband's war stories and crazy ass shit about the army. Lol hes got some funny stories Ill have to blog one soon. She doesn't want to compare husbands like so many people love to do, she is just like us in that aspect in that the first thing Matthew said to her husband when he came over to our house is "In this house, Rank means nothing, so Have a beer and chill with us" I am so grateful to have her as a friend and to have her babies to love up on so I can get my baby fix :). I always have someone to talk to and no matter what she has going on in her life shes a great friend and will always be there for me as I am for her. Overall, we just have FUN together & we are always laughing :). Our husbands just roll their eyes haha. I am very sad to leave her but since we are both from Oregon I know it wont be long before I see them again. I <3 you Brittany, Emiree & Kaiden! I had to write a book for you cause Ill miss you so much!

Ive learned to love a lot of things about this place. Home is where you make it. Its weird that I have lived here for almost a year. It really doesnt seem that way for how much we have done, including the wedding & vacation in Hawaii. Buying this house, decorating and filling it with love and now we have to sell it soon :( I wish we could just attach a billion ballons to it and move it to washington. Hopefully we can sell it soon enough so we dont get stuck with two mortgages or homeless cause we cant sell this house haha. We wont end up homeless but it will be a struggle. Luckily real estate is going to sky rocket next month when the influx of 15,000 soldiers and their families start moving to Bragg from Stewart! Our house will sell in no time!

I just cant wait to start school in Seattle in the fall and get back into the Studio and finish recording my first album! Whoop!

Speaking of music, I am currently #2 in the country chanel on! :)

I am so very grateful for all of my active voters! Don't forget, Accurate judges get $100 gift cards redeemable anywhere online. I took First place in the Acoustic channel last month, I know we can do it again this month in country! :) And to think, Ive only been with Ourstage since March!

Ive been so busy lately I need to catch up on 365!

Piña colada.

Day Thirty Two. Saturday June 12th

We ate at Carolina Ale House. YUM.... :) This drink is my all time fave. Notice the accidental bokeh lighting in the back ground.

"If you like piña coladas, or gettin caught in the rain. If you're not into yoga, If you have half a brain." - Jimmy Buffett

That song is sooo about me haha....


Day Thirty Three. Sunday June 13th

My First attempt at purposely creating the Bokeh Effect. I used christmas lights & tried to make a heart out of them. Not too exciting but I am excited to master this technique :)

"Bokeh and bird shit" - A group on Flickr haha.... thats the only quote that came to mind.

A day at the lake

Day Thirty Four. Monday June 14th

We took Koa to the lake today, met up with some friends, brought a cooler full of beer and explored the trails. As a child growing up in Hawaii, I remember spending alot of time at Kawaihae Harbor, fishing and camping. My brother and I loved to fish with our makeshift bamboo fishing poles, catching tropical fish that hung out by the dock. Even crabs and an eel once. We even saw them filming "Water World" there. Hanging my feet off the dock brings back good memories ♥

"As a child, I used to play all day in the waves, later that night lying in my bed, movin and a groovin to the rhythm of the ocean." -HSB; Hawaiian Style Band
And another one, 

After the lake we had some friends over and built a campfire in the back yard, busted out the tiki torches and camping chairs and played guitar by the fire. It was lovely.
Theres nothing like a campfire jam session.


Day Thirty Five. Tuesday June 15th

Getting excited about attending the Art Institute. I keep getting mail like this :) ahhh.... I cant wait!

"AI, Where creativity meets career"

And heres a couple new pictures for your viewing pleasure. I love these <3 
Where the green grass grows.

Our Headquarters (jk haha)

 Frayed wood. On the railroad tracks.

For more of my photography visit Island Girl Photography <3

Time to clean my house, grocery shop, take Koa for a run, & cook some Teriaki Chicken, Asparagus & Rice for dinner, and Home made banana bread for Desert. 


  1. We still have to get more amazing pictures of us together :) I need to have one in my house before you guys move! LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! And you are a wonderful friend, wife, and one day will be a super awesome mom. :) XOXO Gosh, why ya gotta go and make me tear up for! GEEZE!! LOVE YOU!!

  2. You're gonna get Washington?! I'm stoked now!! since Mr.AB and I are stationed out here too :) he's at lewis