Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A bad haircut and the "American Way"

Today was a lazy day. The weather was very blahh and everything felt dull yet relaxing. It was kinda nice since everything has been so hectic lately. Anyways I made tacos for dinner. Yummmm one of our favorites.

 Taco Night

Day Forty Two. Tuesday June 22nd.

"Para Bailar La Bamba Se necesita una polka de gracia"

I always make my own Pico De Gallo with tons of limes and cilantro. mmmm! But this time I didnt have any cilantro because I rushed into the commissary to buy groceries and I grabbed parsley right next to it instead. haha DORK but it was still very yummy! Speaking of the Commissary man I LOVE that place! Two carts full of groceries for 250 bucks. You cant beat that anywhere in the world!  You are lucky to get one cart for that much at Walmart. Actually one of my husband's documents said that people who shop at the commissary save 30% more on groceries PER YEAR! Thats alot! Not to mention coming from Oregon I feel like it is absolute shit that we have to pay taxes. Especially 9 cents on every dollar here in North Carolina. Eff that. And on post there is no tax :) One of the perks of being military whoop! I was really excited haha.

On another note, I got a bad fricken haircut. ughhhh everyone tells me it doesnt look horrible but I really hate it. My hair was so long and I wanted something new so I said lets go shorter.... not chop it all off! ahah. but at least its lighter and feels cooler in this humid weather over here. And at the very least its a good laugh

 lol. I put my hair like this and it reminds me of this book I used to read when I was little

 I used to read this to the chillens at the daycare too. Im guessing the palm tree is why I made the connection but either way its a sweet book! haha. I can literally recite the book "Good Night Moon" because of that place. There was this cute little blue eyed wonder named Owen who NEEDED that book to be read to him at least 8 times before he fell asleep for nap. haha. Too cute.

Also, Today we picked our very first tomato out of our garden! :) Our first house, our first garden, and our first tomato. <3

 Look at how many tomatoes are on those plants! Whooo! We are definitely going to save some money by growing our own because I am not kidding when I say that we LOVE tomatoes. Not a day goes by where we both dont eat at least 1-2 tomatoes a piece. I have never met anyone who loves them as much as I do until I met him! Soulmates I tell you!

Here is us in Hawaii on our honey moon eating a tomato together <3 haha!

We are definitely doing things the "American Way" haha.
Get Married
Buy a house
fill it with love

and the next things are...

Finish College, Have babies, and grow old and wrinkly together. haha I couldn't have asked for more.
Its so funny to me how this way of living the "American Way" started way back in the 50's when suburbia culture started. I Actually studied that in one of my college courses. It was very interesting but probably not enough to blog about haha so anyway....

Does anyone have a cool button they want me to put on my blog? :) Ill put yours on mine if you put mine on yours!

Good Night world <3 Time to snuggle and watch "When In Rome" With the loves of my life! :) Thats plural adding Koa. xo

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  1. haha! I'm doing it the American Way too! and I'm loving it!!!!

  2. Will you post a picture that actually shows what your haircut looks like, not in a pony? :)

  3. will you post a picture of your hair, showing your haircut? perhaps not in a pony....

    :) xoxo

  4. i havent taken any pictures of it yet because i hate it so I have left it in a pony since haha. But Ill post one later on today :) Call me! Im home and bored! I usually dont have this many hours in a day on account of that I dont wake up early EVER! <3 xoxox

  5. I love tacos and tomatoes too!! If we ever meet we would so be friends!! lol