Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Power Couple

I had so much fun today :) My husband came home from work and we threw our bikes in the truck and drove to Spring Lake which has some AWESOME mountain biking trails. So much fun. I never mountain biked before I met my husband, I used to have a Honda XR 100 when I was younger and I got pretty good at riding dirtbikes so I thought mountain biking would be similar because I rode on trails all over Oregon. Phew I was wrong. Not only is it sooo much harder to balance going up and down hill but you actually have to work your ass of to get somewhere haha. Matthew is really into anything outdoors and both of us coming from growing up in Oregon (for the majority of the time, he came from cali and me from hawaii, we went go HS in the same town in OR) The first time we hit the trails he warned me "babe, its not like Oregon here, the air is not thin and refreshing, its thick and HOT so be prepared" I was like whatev how different could it be? Jumped on the bike in mid August heat last summer and just about died! I really thought I was going to pass out. I thought I couldnt catch my breath and the air was so thick and humid I had never sweat so much in my life!.... But I lived, and I learned to love Mountain Biking especially when its not the hottest time of the year :). My mom tells us were "such a power couple" I was like wtf are you talking about? She explained that were always doing active things together, and basically kicking ass and taking names at anything we pursue as far as accomplishments in our personal lives and together. I like that idea :). Anyway we hit the trails today and it was so much fun. Perfect weather too. I wish I could have brought my Canon but all I had was my phone since it could fit in the camel back. Heres me and Koa all muddy by the lake :)

Hes such a good dog it still amazes me. He hauls ass down the trails and of course Matt is wayyy faster than me and he catches like ten feet of air (literally) on all the jumps but koa always comes back and waits for me like hes worried haha. Even tho Matt never leaves me out of his sight. He makes me wear a helmet too hes too cute. Anyway we did about 8 miles and before we got there I asked him if we could do an easier trail and just cruise today because it was 80 degrees and high humidity and I didnt want to die. He said "babe trust me, this trail is easy, you got this and you are better at this than you think you are especially for a woman." he convinced me we were going on an easy trail until we passed a sign that said "BLACK TRIAL, MOST DIFFICULT" lol I just rolled my eyes and said ohh yeah real easy huh honey? haha. But it was super fun and he always tells me things are easier than they really are because he told me I like to psyc myself out, which I do. Im not going to lie I was impressed with my skills that I didnt know I had when I saw the sign because I thought if I was on the easy trail I must suck because I cant haul ass on this trail. There are tons of straight downhill and straight uphills, going over logs, bridges, and jumps so I should of known but haha i was like "hey Im really not that bad huh" :)

anywho Im about dead after that. Man Im gonna feel it tomorrow! I can already feel it in my glutes and abs but its the best feeling. We need to do that more often! Its not easy working out with a Green Beret but it sure is effective! haha. It was a total success, I love my husband :)

Enough about that, back to 365. So yesterday we had this GINORMOUS vulture fly and land on top of our neighbors house. It sat there for a few moments and just spread its wings. It was amazing.... granted vultures are not such friendly creatures because they feed on the dead, It was still oddly amazing :)
  Day twenty seven titled "Spread your wings" reminds me of the song "I believe I can flyyyy" haha.... so thats my mini quote to go with it. oh and the movie space jam too. That movie is the shit and so was the soundtrack!

Day twenty eight I absolutely love. Titled Baby Socks (i know original right?) haha and the quote is "babies are such great ways to start people" love that one.
We had our friends over for dinner and they laid their 5 month old baby in our bed for a nap. She kicked her little socks off and left them there. When we went to bed this is how we found them. So adorable! I always think its so funny that something so small has an opinion to where shes like "eff these socks" and kicks them off her feet. Gosh shes adorable! Ill be doing a photoshoot of her and her brother and sister sometime soon so ill post pics of her. Good thing everyone and their mother has little babies so that I can get my fix off of them because its damn good birth control! haha. I def think that working at the daycare for me was really good birth control too hah. Its so nice to give them back to their parents at the end of the day :). My clock is definitely ticking because Im all about babies lately but I just keep reminding myself that waiting is BETTER! I like having my husband to myself and accomplishing my dreams, our ambitions and enjoying our marriage first :). 

Speaking of dreams and ambitions, I dont know if Im just more ambitious then your average army wife but I have been so annoyed lately (and I try not to let other people annoy me but I really cant help it on this one) by all the Army wives who do absolutely nothing with their lives. They just have children and sit around and complain about every little thing! They have no ambitions or dreams of their own so they feed off of their husbands while they parade around saying "Im a Miltary wife!" woo whoo so is everyone else at this base or whatever base you are at lol. I get so irritated because they have nothing better to do then gossip or bring other people down. They don't even have their own THING, their only THING is that they are a Military Wife. Get a hobby please! Get your own thing. Being a Military Wife is not a hobby okay? Its a lifestyle, so do something with your lifestyle. Not to mention, Just because your husband is in the military does not mean you know everything about the military or every branch for that matter haha. I don't claim to know more than your average Army Wife because I am not in the Army. Granted my husband has been in for almost 7 years and counting, that still doesn't mean I know more than you. No you do not know everything. And no your husband is not the best. Nor is mine. They are all soldiers who fight for this country regardless of rank at the end of the day they still put their lives on the line for this country. Its okay to be proud of your husband (duh) And I am SO very proud of mine, I wear my pride on my sleeve and anyone has the right to do so. But theres a better and more humble way of going about it and I had to learn this lesson myself as well. Oh and those little stickers "Half my heart is in Iraq" or "I miss my hero who wears combat boots" or some lame ass shit. No that does not make you cool to put a sticker on your car. It doesn't make you anything but a target! Because when you take your daily trip to the Walmart anyone can see that sticker and follow you home. Then they know where you live and that your husband is gone. Awesome for you. Protect yourself and your family, take that down. And do something with your life and occupy yourself while your husband is at war. Do something productive! Take a class, pick up an instrument, do something you've always wanted to do. Do anything but get your OWN thing. I just get so annoyed when I see Military Wife plastered all over myspace pages, blogs, and facebook etc. Like that is their only accomplishment in life..... being a Military Wife. Its not an easy job by any means, and sadly I dont know of MANY women who can say honestly that they were tride and true while their man was at war. There are alot out there im sure, there has to be, but I have yet to meet them. Im proud to say I was and will forever be. But it may be because I had to learn loyalty and trust the hard way before I met my husband. Either way He is my soul mate. There are no excuses for cheating while your "love" is fighting this war. Or even causing enough drama for him that there is a reason to break up. There comes a time to be strong enough for the both of you while their lives are on the line. Put yourself in their boots and stop whining. He doesn't need to hear you complain while hes overseas. Phew that was a good vent. And not directed towards anyone in particular, just in general. I feel that alot of Wives out there know what I'm talking about.

Thats all for now, I feel like I cant move and I need to hydrate myself after today's ride. 

Goodnight world.

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