Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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 Good Morning Bloggers :) 

Today I woke up at 6:00 am to a nice fresh pile of dog shit. Whoo! I tell you what, I would much rather be changing a diaper than scrubbing my carpets! Why cant dogs wear diapers?? UGH I think Koa is having a relapse because he was completely housebroken until like last week. It could also be because he is like the neighborhood puppy. The neighbor kids come over and play with him all the time. And since we dont have a fence he kind of just roams around and hangs out with everyone while they are BBQing. He even goes and scratches on our friends door down the street because they watched him while we were in California. The only bad thing about that is we don't know what the neighbors feed him while hes visiting and hanging out with them so it sucks when he has an upset stomach and we don't know what it is from. Oh well.... Anyway I scrubbed the carpets and walked into the livingroom, sure enough spongebob is dead on the floor and his guts are ALL OVER the house. Surprisingly, I wasnt even in a bad mood. It was kind of those moments where you just laugh it off like OMG my puppy is in terrible twos right now! So I packed my husband some breakfast to eat after Combatives and PT and kissed him goodbye for work and have been up since. 

I am currently enjoying my reading list of the wonderful bloggers I follow :) And I was inspired to write my first mini beauty blog about my most favorite lip cosmetic. 

 This Lip gloss is from Bath and Body Works. There are hundreds of flavors and tints for just $7 a piece! or 2 for $15. I SWEAR by these lip glosses because 
1. Not only do they look good but they FEEL good with just the right amount of mint and tingle that you need to make your lips feel refreshed.
2. My husband doesnt complain when I kiss him because it isnt sticky at all!
3. It is also made to freshen breath & there is also coconut oil and a few other 100% natural substances like REAL mint in them.
4. Maximum coverage, I used to use "Softlips" but that little thing is so dang small and I have got some big lips that need coverage so I find these to be the perfect fit. 
5. It tastes good :) Theres nothing worse than lipgloss that tastes like ass. Or some sorry excuse for pineapple. Burts Bees is a good chapstick and I like it for its natural qualities but it tastes too ass-ish to me.

I usually use the one on the far right because its glossy but it has the perfect amount of tint to give my lips a little color.

So thats that! :) I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works. Here are a couple more of my favorite things there. 

The BBW Oil Warmer. I dont know about you but I dedicate a small part of my day to making my house smell wonderful. I have used everything from incense to fabreeze but nothing works better than this bad boy right here.  My Bestie Brittany got this for me for my birthday and I have used it almost every day since! You can buy a variety of little oil scents, I currently have Japanese Cherry Blossom and Margaritaville. Both wonderful! And all it takes are little refillable T-Lite candles. This thing also literally smokes when it is burning so you can just see the good smells filling up your house. We have a rather large yet cozy 3 bedroom home. And I seriously only need ONE to make the whole house smell good. :) 

And lastly, Bath salts and Sensual Bubble Bath! With aroma therapy. My skin feels softer than butter after a nice hot bath. You know how babies absorb scents like their whole body just smells wonderful with that fresh clean baby smell? Dont you wish your skin was that soft? Well thats how I feel after using this. Haha I feel like a commercial but I had to share my love for these things. I love it!

 This is my escape.

I also have a question for you readers out there. Does this font make it a pain to read my blog? Or is it okay? Just wondering :) Let me know! 

Time for Yoga! Have a beautiful day!
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  1. Ahhhh I love bath salts. I was enthralled in your description about the dog poop because that's my life on an everyday basis, only difference is that I have three of them, and they're favorite place to go is the living room. THANK GOD I don't have carpets. I would just about die. Although I will say this, I much prefer the poop accidents to the pee accidents, because those are a PAIN to pick up.

  2. I love love love love bath and body works! :) glad you share the same feelings! :)

  3. Annah- I cant imagine having 3! what a pain! and i agree completely on the pee. mostly because I cant see it on our carpet until i step in it or i realize a part of the house smells like pee. Then i just shampoo it but ugh!

    Kimmib- ditto! :)

  4. Uhm. To answer your question, this font isnt the worst you could pick, but definatly not as easy as the last font. :)

    PS. I also am a HUGE fan of BBW. I love the candles that they sell there. Well more like obsessed. I always buy the apple scented one. Most apple scented or flavored things dont smell like apples. This candle smells like a freshly rinsed apple, you can almost smell the water dripping off it, weird but totally true! I also have the sandlewood and vanilla one, and its amazing, makes your home so warm feeling and filled with cozyness. :)
    miss you xoxo

  5. Hey Victoria!!
    I'm so going to try those lip glosses!! ;)
    The body font of the post is a bit hard to read. I have to put a lot on effort in concentrating... I don't know why.

    Btw I'm trying to add your button to my blog but it seems like it does not work. It says something is wrong with the image coding. Please let me know so I can add it up!!

  6. Thanks for the imput! Ill change it starting next blog! Let me know how those lip glosses work out for you :)

    I also re-coded the button on my blog so give it a try and let me know if it works.


  7. Hi Victoria! I am Mishieru, your new follower from Follow Back Friday! I love your blog and i love your song too!

  8. Koa must be so lucky to be the neighborhood dog. My co-worker's dog is slowly becoming the "office dog" and we all spoil him rotten :) She probably goes home and wonders where her dog learned so many bad habits!

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    I have lots of great giveaways going on.
    Thanks :)