Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bust a move!

 Saturday Morning :) I love you! So, this morning my husband wakes me up with a smile and snuggles. He goes out into the living room and comes back and sits on our bed next to me with a shit eating grin on his face. I am on the phone with my mom talking about random garb and in mid laugh a cricket jumps on my FACE! Of course I jump up screaming frantically in nothing but my underwear only to find out my husband played a little prank on me. It was hilarious hahah! We are like kids I swear because we are always pranking eachother. Were both good sports tho. So I am planning my next ambush muahahah.

So last night, we had a couple of friends over and we played a board game and had some drinks. BTW for you partiers out there. My specialty drink =

Simply Lemonade+ Grey Goose Le Citron + a splash of grenadine. Make it look fancy with a slice of lemon in it and a toothpick with raspberries or cherries. Be sure to chill your martini glass, dip the rim in water and then in sugar for a nice sweet taste. Wahlah DELICIOUS! I swear to you, you will not taste the liquor if you mix 1 part vodka 2 parts lemonade and just enough grenadine to make it pink. This is my ultimate fave. So anyway we got this boardgame from barns and noble called Quelf awhile ago. We like to have game night at our house :) I told you were kids haha

 This game has a slogan "Random has a whole new name" And its totally true! Imagine my husband and I and 6 of our friends sitting around getting drunk and a 6'2" Army guy draws a card that says "Go find a tube of bright red lipstick, apply a healthy layer, and wear it for the remainder of the game. hahah! this really happened and it was really hilarious. I once had to wrap myself in wrapping paper and dance like a ballerina, hammerd. I highly recommend this game, but you have to be really outgoing or at least have alot of liquid courage to play it. Don't be shy, its way too fun to be outgoing.

So after we finished the game we were feelin a little crazy so we busted out the Wii. And let me tell you, if any of you have a wii out there you NEED to get the game "Just Dance" I was bustin a move last night lol. And I swear, I have a wii fit but this game is a much better Cardio workout. I mean just look at this

Haha! These ladies have got some MOVES! Its so much fun, we have 4 controllers so four of us were busting out and its hilarious to get my husband or any male dancing his ass off to some spice girls or ring my bell. haha! All in all, it was a fun night and I am sore today. I need to get us on film doing that.

Anyways back to my saturday, time for new adventures! Ciao! 

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  1. Wow! You had a fun time! I am not a drinker but one day i would like to get a booze and dance like crazy hahaha! I bet that scene of your friends and husband busting a move with spice girls will definitely make me laugh hard.

  2. Those girls know how to rock it!!! lol
    Btw thanks for the drink recipe!! I'm going to give it a try! ;)

    Your blog button is at my favorites:

  3. I <3 Quelf. My friends and I play it all the time at school. There's a rules card that says whenever someone rolls a one everyone has to stand up and yell "All Hail The Chinese Cheese Biscuit" And the last one to yell it pays the penalty. Such an awesome game.

  4. I enjoy alcohol, board games, and wii. I'm purchasing just dance so my drunk ass can play it this weekend. i think we share common interests, so i'm a new follower =)