Monday, June 21, 2010

A little bit of everything

SO. Last night we decided to "stop by" our friend Jason's house for his little going away get together he was having. Hes leaving for a month for some sort of training and we might be moved to WA before he gets back so we had to go hang out for a minute. "stopping by" turned into getting shit faced. Jason is our BFF, he is our old roommate and my favorite out of all of my husband's army buddies. So last night we went over there around seven and my husband made me a drink, vodka and cranberry one of my faves. I was like sure Ill have just one. Jason and Matt love to get me drunk because they say Im hilarious, so last night was sheer proof. Turns out my husband was the sober driver which is rare, but then again he did have to wake up at six am and run ten miles this morning (dear god thank you for letting me do nothing)...

So we end up at this club called The Big Apple. Apparently it was mexican night (not that I have anything against mexicans, i am part mexican) but all they played was cholo music all night long. So I being as ridiculous as I am when I am wasted, decided to get everyone on the dance floor and "teach" them how to do the salsa. lol! I took a dance class when I was at U of O and we did some salsa as well as Argentina Tango but what I learned was the basic step. Of course nothing I could remember clearly enough to teach everyone when I could barely even see let alone dance. HAH! But none the less, everyone followed my lead and we had a great time dancing the night away. In my drunken haze for some reason I decided that I needed another drink (after drinking half a bottle of vodka before getting to the bar) so I continued to drink. Finally my husband was trying to slow me down but for the life of him couldnt stop laughing at my rediculousness as well as the 12 other people who were with us so there I was ordering more drinks and yelling "SHOTS" every ten minutes. Ill admit, for my size I can definitely put down and keep down my fair share of booze. Most times I WISH that I puked because I would feel a hell of alot better in the morning if I ever puked. So anyway, I ordered my last drink on the last call and Matthew comes up to me and says okay babe lets go the club is about to close lets leave now so we can beat traffic. I told him I had to finish the drink I just ordered. He told me I didnt need it but for some reason I thought I did so I lied to him and told him I had to go to the bathroom haha he then watched me run to the bar and CHUG my Vodka -Lemonade and run back over to him like nothing happened. He drove us home (which I dont remember) and as soon as I walked in the door I realized how uncomfortable my clothes were and that they needed to be taken off immediately. (and thrown across the room) hahah. From here on is all hear say because I do not recall this, but apparently my husband took my contact lenses out for me. Now THAT is love! And trust! haha. By then I was STARVING and NEEDED a pizza. My husband kept me far away from the kitchen and cooked us a pizza but by the time it was ready I had already called my mom because I realized how much I missed her and that I NEEDED to talk to her right then and there, and passed out. So that was our night. Pretty fun stuff haha. The next afternoon I woke up still completely wasted and called my BFF brittany only to tell her "I dont know if Im still drunk, or hung over, but Im in my underwear and I have blisters on my feet so it musta been a good night" lol.  In conclusion, If I ever do become a famous singer-songwriter, the paparazzi are going to love me because all I have to say is The party must go on!

Anywho, I started that blog last Wednesday but I havent had working internet at my house. (Fuck you century link) I have been having so many problems with those ass holes! But now its working and I dont have to pay this months bill so whoo! I have some catching up to do on 365 so here goes it :) 


Day Thirty Six. Wednesday June 16th.

Lately I keep seeing dragonflies. Yesterday one landed on me and today I looked out the back door to see this one sitting on the porch :). Pinao is dragonfly in hawaiian.  Also my Aunt's name. <3

"Deep in the sun-searched growths the dragon-fly Hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky"

 Where thoughts turn to lyrics.

Day Thirty Seven. Thursday June 17th.

This is where I write my music. In this notebook. I have 3 all together and those notebooks mean more to me than any possession or material thing on earth. (plus my guitar :) That is where I turn my thoughts into music, Where I express my every feeling, and where I always end up after six and a half years.

"You make me happy, just to know that you love me."
And another :) 

My heart is a burning flame.

Day Thirty Eight. Friday June 18th.

Today I spring cleaned the house. And by that I mean I literally cleaned EVERYTHING we own. I had no idea how much work it is to keep up on a house this big until we moved in. Keeping everything spotless inside and outside and tending to the garden is a full time job especially with koa running around tracking mud, sand and everything else through the house and tearing up his stuffed animals. I swear sometimes this house looks like a war zone with all these stuffed animal guts everywhere haha! I have to take him outside and run with him or play ball and do something with him every day or he gets restless and starts running laps around the house lol. Anyways, Lighting candles is part of the ritual :) It fills our home with love, good vibes, and good smells.

"come on baby light my fire" ♥

 Watering the Dog

Day Thirty Nine. Saturday June 19th.

Today we discovered that Koa likes to be watered. Haha He will stand there forever and let you water him. He also loves to dance in the sprinkler and chase it like a child. Thee cutest thing Ive ever seen. And look at him smiling!

"Happiness is a warm puppy."


Day Forty. Sunday June 20th.

Today Koa sniffed out a turtle so we brought him inside and hung out with him for a while. Tried to feed him lettuce. And then let him free. Look at him smiling too! He looks just like Franklin the Turtle. Happy fathers day :) I really wanted to do a themed picture for fathers day but my dad is all the way across America :( 

"Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell."
Bill Copeland


Day Forty One. Monday June 21st.

I ♥ Watermelon! Theres just something about it on a hot summer day too. Especially on a picnic. This happens to be the juiciest watermelon ever and the first of the season at our house. Yummm. Reminds me of that song,

"Down by the bay, Where the watermelons grow. Back to my home. I dare not go. For if I do. My mother will say "Did you ever see a fly. Wearing a tie?"

On to Music News! (imagine the cheezy news channel soundtrack is playing now) haha

Check this out!! 

NUMBER ONE IN COUNTRY! :) after last month I took first place in Acoustic? Not to mention Played over 18 thousand times!? since March? Love it!!! I love my fans so much they rock! I seriously could not do this without all the wonderful people supporting and loving my music. I am so grateful. Thank you deeply. I have not been placed on a particular show on MTV yet, sad face.... But my rep from MTV did contact me yesterday and tell me that she hasn't forgotten about me and that she will DEFINATELY find a spot for me on MTV because she thinks I'm Great and she loves my music. She also told me that she can really relate to my music because her boyfriend was gone on business for 3 months and that just so happened to be the time that she discovered me on :) I love that people can relate to my music. It really inspires me and pushes me forward. I cannot WAIT to get back into the studio this summer. Its been over a year but I have written so many songs since then. My album is written and ready to be recorded. <3

Another exciting thing (not huge but I get excited easily) I designed and Ordered some business cards for my photography and my music! Checkkk ittt. (Click on them to make them larger)

Side 1. View my photography website! Island girl photography

Side 2. Listen to my music and view my website :)

Im super excited :)

Phew this blog is a Novel! But I only have one last thing to say.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow!!

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